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Dr. Nagendra Parvataneni, Thursday, July 2, 2020

Looking young and healthy is what most of us desire to have and so we work towards having a healthy lifestyle. But that doesn’t rule out from the possibility of having a life threatening disease such as cancer. A regular health screening periodically is essential.

Men especially have a tendency to post pone things of this nature. The symptoms are warning signals. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that causes cancer.

  1. Problem with Urination: A PSA test that shows enlargement in the prostate glands usually cause problems related to urination. You may further be asked to go for a series of tests.
  2. Changes in your Testicles: Unlike prostate cancer that grows gradually testicle cancer can grow rapidly. Hence, rush to a doctor when you notice a lump, heaviness or any form of change in your testicle,
  3. Blood in Stools and Urine: The blood in urine or stools could be the reason for a cancer in bladder, kidney or colon. The chances are that they may be a urinary tract infection or haemorrhoids. Yet it’s better to get yourself checked.
  4. Changes in the skin: Changes in the colour, skin tone or shape could be the prime reason for skin cancer. The doctor will conduct a biopsy of your skin.
  5. Changes in the lymph nodes: Swelling in your neck, arm pits and other places may be the sign of swollen lymph nodes. A certain type of cancer can cause these symptoms.
  6. Trouble in Swallowing: Trouble in swallowing, vomiting or losing weight are the symptoms for stomach cancer. You will be asked to take a barium test.
  7. Heartburn: Burning in the heart can be ignored as acidity. But they too are signs for stomach or throat cancer.
  8. Changes in the Oral Cavity: White or red patches inside your mouth or on lips are symptoms for mouth cancer. Chewing of tobacco and smoking causes mouth cancer.
  9. Unexpected weight loss: Weight loss that comes without a change in your dietary pattern is something that needs your attention. These are symptoms of Pancreatic and stomach cancers.
  10.  Fever: Do not ignore fever that comes without any as it could be a symptom of leukaemia.
  11. Changes in the Breast: 1% of men have chances of getting breast cancer. If you notice a lump, go to the doctor immediately.
  12. Fatigue: fatigue that doesn’t go despite having enough rest could also be one of the signs of cancer.
  13. Cough: Any cough that persists even after 3-4 weeks is a symptom of lung cancer. Excessive smoking causes lung cancer.
  14. Pain: Any unwarranted long standing pain requires a hospital visit.
  15. Belly pain and Depression: Feeling low and abdominal pain could be a symptom of stomach or pancreatic cancer.

A regular screening is the best way to catch hold of cancer in the early stages and the treatment by renowned Medical Oncology Specialist in Hyderabad will ensure the right treatment.



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