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Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi, Friday, November 8, 2019

Parkinson’s symptoms can be improved until a certain stage. Later, no amount of drugs can help him get back to normalcy.He must always be under a caregiver. From the simplest of the activity he becomes dependent and totally bedridden. They get adverse as the disease progresses to an advance stage. This can take a toll on your daily routine.

You will be physically disabled which affects your mental stability as well. You will have to rely on a caregiver for every move you have to make in your daily routine. This is a very emotional phase for your loved ones and to himself too. It becomes a pain to watch someone suffer. Hence, it is good to take certain decisions beforehand. When you become incapacitated they can act according to your wishes on your behalf.

The Parkinson’s disease specialist will put you on a stricter drug regime. Yet, the drugs do not play their roles well like the way they once did making them adhere to what their mind totally acts on.The condition only deteriorates as the disease progresses from one stage to another.

Diagnosis stage:

The symptoms lead you to a get yourself checked at the best hospital of Parkinson’s disease.When you are diagnosed positive with the disease you will have but no choice to change your life from the day 1.

Maintenance stage:

Your physician puts you on medications to improve your symptoms. As the symptoms improve you will slowly gain confidence that you can live with the disease by staying positive.

Advanced stage:

This is the most complex phase which has to be discussed with your physician and your loved ones. For henceforth the symptoms will magnify.

Palliative stage:

In the last stage, the Parkinson’s disease specialist tries to relieve him of the pain and the stress but can do nothing else.

Parkinson’s disease and it’s symptoms very from person to person. For this strange reason it becomes difficult for the physician to determine or to understand how and when it progresses in to another stage.

Caring for a Parkinson’s patient at an advanced stage gets difficult both for the care taker and the patient himself. There are chances that the disease changes to multiple other things while dementia being one of them.To understand how the disease is progressing keep a close follow up with his Parkinson’s disease specialists. Discuss and take tips from them for any further treatment that he may need or otherwise.

The things that you should bare in my mind is that you gave him the best possible care from the best specialist at a best hospital where all his concerns were addressed, improved and helped him in the process. The only satisfaction that might give you solace would be of fulfilling your duties, giving your love, moral and emotional support for as long as he lived. Play your minimalrole well while the rest was already taken careof by the Comprehensive care team of Parkinson’s.



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