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Dr. Neil Narendra Trivedi, Wednesday, October 30, 2019

There are somebody conditions leading to kidney infection and to ascertain the causes of such infection is absolutely important in order to pursue the right kind of treatment. KIMS Hospitals is one of the best kidney hospitals in Hyderabad, where you will find the best kidney specialist in Hyderabad, giving you the right advice and providing the best medical care at an affordable cost. Pyelonephritis, as it is called for kidney infection is such a body condition where there is a possibility of kidney failure leading the infection to spread into the bloodstream and cause life-threatening conditions, especially for elderly persons. Other causes of a kidney infection include the formation of kidney stones and becoming a storage place for bacteria which leads to recurrent infection, inflammation or enlargement of the prostate gland and for women at their stage of pregnancy. It is necessary to go for regular health checkups to prevent any aggravation of kidney infection, certain symptoms of kidney infection are a pain in the lower abdomen, irregular passing of urine or at times blood coming out with urine. To avail the best packages for such health checkups, offered by KIMS, one of the best kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad, you will have to log onto www.kimshospitals.com to find out details of information on such packages.

Medical services being provided at KIMS for treatment of kidney infections include treatment for genitourinary disorders through effective management of surgical and medical conditions, benign prostatic hyperplasia, congenital abnormalities, prostate cancer, and other disorders of the kidney. Treatment, surgery and post-surgical care are being provided by Best Kidney Specialist in Hyderabad at a cost that is suited to the budget of even less affluent persons. When it comes to kidney transplant, KIMS is such a place where kidney transplant in Hyderabad is carried out by specialists keeping to international standards and with the use of latest technology. Use of Ultrasound technology in real-time and following minimally invasive procedures are among the highlights of kidney transplantation at one of the best kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad. Treatment for kidney infection is carried out through constructive techniques, robotic technology and the use of the latest imaging equipment. Treatments being provided at this hospital include medications for relaxation of the bladder and relieving pain, self-care measures, radiation therapy, antibiotics, chemotherapy and surgery. There are highly qualified and experienced kidney transplant surgeons at KIMS who has done hundreds of successful operations during the recent past, and with modern facilities for testing and surgery, patients can feel confident of recovering within an ambience that is homely and affordable best kidney hospitals in Hyderabad – KIMS.



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