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Dr. V. S. Srinath, Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A heart condition more often leads to depression in heart patients opines the Heart specialists at KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad. A lot of patients without a history of depression can get depression after a heart attack. A heart attack can impact a persons’ capabilities, strengths and emotions all of which are concerned with the psychological factors. The changes that you may notice in them include :

  • Mood swings
  • Attitude
  • Concerns related to his future
  • Loss of confidence in playing their roles such as a father, son
  • Self-doubt due to the heart condition
  • Guilt feelings of the past that has led to his current heart condition

Patients bounce back to normal activities within few days after a heart condition. In few others when anxiety and fear interfere with their daily routine then they need psychiatric help which will enable them to recover from the depression through medications and rehabilitation.

Symptoms of depression due to a heart condition include fatigue, sleeplessness and low in energy. Famous Cardiac doctors from KIMS Hospitals, Hyderabad believe that the best way to identify the condition is by communicating your concerns with your physician regarding the way you feel after the heart condition. A regular follow up with your cardiologist and being open to the way you feel post your heart condition will not only clear your doubts but also if needed you will be advised on medicines.

KIMS Hospitals, a Hospital for heart diseases in Hyderabad opine that one in three patients who had heart attacks earlier are known to be suffering from depression. The rest of others who are healthy despite having a heart attack are those who have learnt their lessons and have started to lead a healthy life by exercising and eating right and are not bothered about the things that may cause stress in their lives.

Both men and women with heart conditions can get depression. It’s a psychological phenomenon. Patients with depression and heart disease have been able to move on in their lives after having been treated with the anti-depressants along with rehabilitation and change in their lifestyles. The steady improvements have enabled them to lead a happy life.

Why KIMS Hospitals?

The heart is a vital organ that can withdraw you from your life after having had a heart condition. Few patients find it hard to getting back to their normal routine. But at KIMS Hospitals the treatment and the concern you get both for your heart condition as well as for your depression will make you feel like home and enable you to look at life positively. A treatment with proper guidance can help you relive your life without being depressed. KIMS Hospitals is one such centre that offers the best heart disease treatment in Hyderabad as it has the cardiologists who are pioneers in understanding the heart diseases and the diseases associated with it.



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