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Dr. S. Mohan Das, Friday, November 8, 2019

For a holistic life one needs a healthy body and a healthy mind. In today’s scenario life has become very demanding, you have no time to exercise or pursue your hobbies owing to your tight work schedules. This may lead to depression in certain individuals which may increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease at any point of time.

What is depression?

A depression is a state of mind of characterized by feeling downtrodden, lowly, unable to concentrate on the task and sometimes accompanied by suicidal tendencies. Depression is sometimes a silent killer if it goes unnoticed. As an individual you may not be able to face a particular situation like loss of a loved one, or any incident that has broken you into pieces. You may tend to feel like crying, or keep yourself secluded or may feel a sense of worthlessness. One may make attempts to end one’s life in utter despondency. Depression is medical condition which can be cured by three fold approach of psychiatric assistance, anti-depressants and self help.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

It is a degenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system which affects the person’s motor skills. In medical parlance it is also called PD, Primary Parkinsonism or hypo kinetic rigid syndrome. The disease is characterized by sleep, emotional and sensory problems which deteriorate as the disease progresses. Depression is one of the major contributors in enhancing Parkinson’s syndrome. Dopamine generating cells virtually die out causing difficulty in standing erect for a long time, shaky feeling, walking aimlessly, these symptoms usually occur in people over and above the age of 50 years. Tobacco usage also has found to contribute to the growth of Parkinson’s. It is a neurological disorder and has to be treated by expert neurologists. It is often treated with anti Parkinson’s medications along with physical rehabilitation and in extreme cases surgery to restore motor ability. Parkinson’s annually accounts for more than a lakh deaths is addressed globally with the best possible treatment worldwide. Parkinson’s syndrome is primarily classified as primary Parkinson’s syndrome and secondary Parkinson’s syndrome. Depression is known to induce the factors of secondary Parkinson’s syndrome. The disease derives its name from an Anglican neurologist James Parkinson’s. Celebrated personalities such as Muhammad Ali the famous boxer and Olympic cyclist David Phiney have been battling the dreaded disease. PD causes abnormal neuropsychiatric disorders which can be rated from being mild to severe and shows their impact on cognition, speech, mood, thought process and behavioral aspects.

Depression increases the risk of Parkinson’s three fold. It can be a cause as well as on outcome of Parkinson’s disease. More severe the depression the greater the risk of Parkinson’s. Depression damages the brain function severely; it affects our thought process and certain mental disabilities, hence in the long run may contribute to PD. Depression and Parkinson’s may be intertwined and it is important that they are dealt with appropriate care. KIMS is the best hospital in treating Parkinson’s disease in Hyderabad. KIMS has a track record of being the best neuro hospital in the city with doctors specializing in various neuropathic disorders. It has the advantage of being associated with one of the leading neuro surgeons and physicians. At KIMS, we follow a very holistic approach to achieve the best results by evaluating the prognosis of the patient. It is very important to keep the patient in the best of his spirits, counsel the family members to treat them with utmost dignity and care and instill a sense of belongingness. AT KIMS we ensure psychiatric help with neurological treatment and physical rehabilitation thereby achieving the best possible results, by gradually reducing the symptoms.



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