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Dr. K. Krishnaiah, Thursday, October 31, 2019

The hip joint is referred to as a ball and a socket joint which gives us wide range of movements Your that help us move, walk , or run. The hip joint is covered with cartilage; cartilage helps the smooth movement of the ball during movement, due to wear and tear or arthritis rheumatoid or osteoarthritis the cartilage gets worn out. The ball moves with greater friction in the socket as the cartilage is worn out, the best solution for the same would be to replace the same with an artificial joint. Hip replacement operation is known as a resurfacing operation wherein the orthopedic surgeon replaces the damaged portion with and artificial joint, which is made of metal, ceramic or plastic.

The reasons why you may need a hip replacement surgery would be

  • Damage of cartilage due to severe osteoarthritis or rheumatoid causing difficulty in movement, inflammation and swelling.
  • Any fracture due to a recent fall or accident
  • Hip deformity from childhood
  • Bone and joints wear and tear due to osteoporosis as they become brittle and soft, the hip joints may get damaged.
  • Ankolysing spondylitis may damage the hip joint, calling for a surgery.

Hip replacement is considered if and only if hip joint is severely damaged and restricts your movements. Surgery is considered as an option which is exercised at last. Medications such as steroid injections to reduce symptoms of pain, swelling or inflammation may be considered, physiotherapy is suggested to bring about flexibility is an option. Hip replacement surgery is done by qualified and experienced joint replacement surgeons. It needs a great level of expertise and hence, you must see such good doctors only. Painkillers, walking aids may be opted before going in for a surgery, still the condition of the hip joint deteriorates, and it is advisable to go in for a hip replacement surgery without delay. There is no bar on age limit for the surgery; if you are young you may have to go in for a second hip replacement surgery if required in later stages of your life.

At KIMS the best joint replacement surgeon South India evaluates your condition and suggests the further course of action based on your overall condition. Having arthritis in your hip joint may not mean surgery alone; the condition can be managed by joint strengthening medications, movement aids or medications. Surgery is considered only if the hip joint is damaged. KIMS hospital is a known name in performing the best quality hip replacement surgeries with cent percent success rates. The team treats patients with utmost care and great empathy making it a very memorable experience and not a dreaded surgery. It is a centre of excellence for hip and knee replacements having performed critical and most number of surgeries in Hyderabad. Many of our patients refer their relatives and friends for joint replacement surgeries as they consider KIMS as the best Joint replacement center in Hyderabad.



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