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Dr. Suresh Cheekatla, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Broken bone takes time to repair. You may have to wait until your bone heals or in certain cases surgery can alone help which of course only a best joint replacement surgeon in Hyderabad will be able to decide. Broken bones in children heal faster than in adults. Hence, the treatment procedure for them differ.

Surgery and Bone Healing :

Bone specialist in Hyderabad India opines that the broken bones heal faster when there is adequate blood supply and flow of nutrients in the body. While with the surgery the healing process is slower. However, in some cases surgery becomes essential. Hence, surgery for broken bones depends how it would work for the patients’ treatment. Let’s take a few cases and see what works better :

  1. Broken Wrist Fracture: The issue is usually faced by elderly gentlemen above 65 years of age. Swelling, deformity in the wrist is the symptoms of the broken wrist. Best Orthopaedic centres in Hyderabad study the case of a broken wrist and is treated with a cast. If the bones are not in its position then it is realigned by giving a light radiation. In some other cases, surgery is essential. Fractures can be treated surgically by securing them with pins to hold the fragments. Plates and screws are used to position them further.
  2. Scaphoid Fracture: It is one of the eight bones that form the carpal bones in the wrist. Best orthopaedic doctors in Hyderabad have two approaches for the case such as this. Cast immobilisation if the fracture is not displaced. If not surgery is conducted to reposition the bones.
  3. Broken Bones in Children: Broken bones in children heal within few weeks as against months in adults. Hence, it allows the doctor to treat most of the cases without surgery.Where the fractures have the growth plates involved close watch is essential. Yet, the bones in the children may bend when he has had a fracture but it shall never break. When the growth plates are injured routine check-up is required to ensure the growth plates are set in its place.

Let’s take a look at the factors that determine a surgery or not :

  • Age: In adults above 65 years of age surgery is not recommended in a case such as wrist fracture.
  • Bone Quality: If the patient is suffering from osteoporosis, bones are weak and brittle and hence surgery is not conducted for such patients.
  • Location of the fracture: If the cartilage of the wrist is damaged, surgery cannot be avoided.
  • Displacement of fracture: if the bone is not in position, surgery is recommended to realign the bones.

To heal your bones faster follow the tips :

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Take a recommended dose of calcium daily
  • Follow the treatment regime strictly to prevent further damage.


KIMS is the best place for the treatment for the bone fractures in Hyderabad. The case of the patient is carefully analysed with frequent follow ups to ensure the status of fracture.



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