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Dr. P. Raghu Ram, Friday, November 8, 2019

A lot of women get diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Top breast cancer surgeons in India talk about the in depth understanding of the biology of the breast cancer that has led to detection of an early stage breast cancer. It has improved survival rates because of the precise analysis of the breast cancer type. The research that’s going in for the study of the genotype of cancers is remarkable. The improved treatments have assured the cancer patients a cure.

Breast cancer centres in Hyderabad say that traditionally women diagnosed with breast cancer were surgically treated with the procedure called mastectomy. Mastectomy is a procedure where you remove the entire breast. Today, the same procedure is replaced with breast conserving surgery. Chemotherapy or endocrine therapy and radiation are the methods used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is a treatment where cancer cells are killed through the drugs which are scheduled for a specific period of cycles.

There was a time when the cancer was analysed based on the stage of the cancer. Today the comprehensive research has led to a different parameter in analysing the condition of breast cancer. The biological makeup or the genotype of the cancer is studied which helps in the identification of the different subtypes. Hence the treatments too are deviced in such a way that the particular cell type is treated. Top breast cancer hospitals are elated as they are able to use this definitive analysis in the treatments for an early stage breast cancer. For a woman the disfiguring of her body is a very emotional aspect. This approach has led to have her retain her form.

The clinical analysis is learnt from the imaging tests and the core needle biopsy prior surgery. The treatment plan can be deviced only after these tests that specifically reveal the genotype of the cancer. After the systemic diagnosis, she is sent to a surgeon for primary surgical treatment. Later the comprehensive medical team that includes medical oncologist would further start a treatment plan for you and you will also be given the complete knowledge of your breast cancer.

Surgery, drug treatment and radiation are very specific to the kind of the genotype the breast cancer represents. Top breast cancer surgeon in India says that today the cancer treatment is personalised to each patients’ individual disease. It’s no more the same procedure where you are diagnosed with cancer and the treatment would be either to remove that part or give a common treatment.


Breast cancer treatment in Hyderabad is very unique to every individual. The Panel of medical team are experts in analysing the genotype and the relevant studies in the cancer have led to the right prognosis and treatment plans. KIMS is best hospital known for this approach in treating the breast cancers and other cancers as well. It also conducts self- awareness counselling sessions for women and imparts knowledge on the issues and treatments for breast cancers.



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