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Dr. S. Mohan Das, Friday, November 8, 2019

KIMS is at present helping those affected by epilepsy with the best epilepsy treatment in Hyderabad with a team of experienced specialist doctors providing state of the art epilepsy surgeries. With more than 650 epilepsy surgeries and over hundreds of temporal lobe surgeries, stimulation therapy of the vagal nerve and Hemespherectomies, having been performed at KIMS, this Institute of Neuro Sciences has every reason to be among the top, providing the best epilepsy treatment in India. Having a state of the art infrastructure, KIMS is proud to be the best in treatments like brain areas mapping, advances microscopes, navigation, endoscopes for performing surgery and ultrasonic aspiration. Excellent results are being obtained through in depth EEG recordings and EEG monitoring, invasive grids on which there are many publications in indexed journals on Epilepsy Surgery.

Led by epilepsy specialist in Hyderabad, the team of expert neurologists at KIMS are dedicated to help patients improve the quality of their lives by providing them the best treatment after diagnosing properly the type of surgery to be undertakes which depend upon the types of seizure4s the patient is experiencing. Some of the types of brain surgery for epilepsy carried out at KIMS include Multiple subpial transection, Hemispherectomy and Corpus callostomy. Tests which are mandatory before surgery are carrie4d out at laboratories that are equipped with latest instruments allowing proper and accurate results. Tests like EEG/Videotelemetry, Computed tomography, MRI Scan, Positron emission tomography, Single-photon emission computed tomography and other tests are carried out under the watchful eyes of Neurologists who are among the best epilepsy specialist in India.

There are the best neurologists in Hyderabad who have undergone specialization in epilepsy therapy and have enough experience to conduct imaging of PET and SPECT Scans while evaluating the patients for surgery. Specialized tests are performed by senior neuro radiologist and among the best neurologist in Hyderabad. The team of specialist neurologists is led by famous neurologist in Hyderabad who have no dearth of experience in treating patients for epilepsy surgery with large number of operations having been successful. KIMS being one of the leading super specialty multiple bed hospitals in India is the largest among corporate groups for health care and is presently treating more patients than any other hospitals especially in treatment for epilepsy including brain surgery. Eminent neuro physician in Hyderabad is there at KIMS to oversee the entire procedure of treatment in epilepsy which is now considered to be the best in not only Hyderabad but also in India. With a futuristic healthcare objective to help patients lead a healthy life, KIMS aims at listening to patients for finding the best way to heal them and provide them with the best treatment now available in India.



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