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Dr. G. Parthasarathy, Friday, November 8, 2019

Gastric cancer treatment in KIMS Hospitals Hyderabad is conducted by a comprehensive team that includes gastroenterologist, a surgical oncologist, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, physician assistants and oncology nurses. The others who include are social workers, dieticians, pharmacists and counsellors.

It is also observed that some of the gastric (stomach) cancer conditions go undetected. Patients who turn up in the end stage suffer a lot. Poor prognosis can threaten the patients’ survival. This also limits the kind of treatment that could have been given had they come earlier. KIMS Hospitals, one of the Top gastric oncology centres in Hyderabad opine that most of the hospitals do not have a multidisciplinary approach in treating cancers. This poor approach in treatment of cancers can risk a patients’ life.

Treatment Options :

KIMS Hospitals, the Top gastroenterology cancer hospital in Hyderabad speaks of the recent advancement in technology and the relentless research that is going towards the cure for cancers that has given several treatment options to the medical world. They include :

  1. Surgery: The methods adopted for an early stage gastric cancer would be minimally invasive procedures called Endoscopic Sub Mucosal Dissection (ESD) and Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR). This approach is adopted for those cancers that are less than 2cm and the removal includes the first two layers of the stomach only. Partial Gastrectomy is for those patients when the cancer is in the stomach and has not spread to the other parts. Here, a part of the stomach and the nearby lymph nodes are removed. The remaining portion of the stomach is either connected to the intestine or oesophagus. Total Gastrectomy is conducted for those patients where the cancer has spread to the stomachs’ outer wall as well. Here the entire stomach is removed and the oesophagus is directly attached to the small intestine. This is a major surgery where and few patients may experience dizziness, cramps throughout their life while for few others it eases off after few months. However, they will be still put on vitamin B12 injections apart from medications.
  2. Radiation: High energy rays are targeted to the stomach to kill cancer cells over several sessions. The side effects include stomach upset, loose bowel movements and fatigue. External Beam Radiation therapy is given for stomach cancers.
  3. Chemotherapy: A medical oncologist will determine the drugs to be given for chemotherapy sessions and the number of cycles that you may have to take depends on the stage and the progress of your cancer. The goal is to kill the cancer cells and their ability to divide. The side effects include hair loss, loss of appetite and fatigue.
  4. Targeted Therapy: In this treatment specific cancer genotype, proteins and tissues are detected and treatment is given to block that particular genotype, proteins and tissues to progress any further cancer growth and its survival.
  5. Immunotherapy: This boosts the immune system of the body by using what’s available with in or the same components are improved in the laboratory and are made stronger than the prevailing cancer. KIMS Hospitals, one of the Best gastroenterology hospitals in Hyderabad believe that immunotherapy is a great hope for the treatment of gastric cancers.

Why KIMS Hospitals?

KIMS Hospitals is the best hospital for gastric cancer treatment as they have a comprehensive team of professionals who work together in treating their cancer patients examining every detail that connects to the cancer and making sure the disease doesn’t spread. This sort of a professional commitment towards their patients can only be experienced at KIMS and hence it is considered as an exceptionally good hospital for treating cancers.



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