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Health concierge is the anthem for program managers

Dr Attawar Sandeep, Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Health concierge is the anthem for program managers.

A simple fever can bring down the general activity , curb enthusiasm, limit productivity of a person. If that happens with fever, the disability that an end stage disease of heart and lungs brings to a patient is immense. Seeing the dear ones suffer from such morbidity can be crippling for the supporting relatives. And in scenarios like that decision making on behalf of the patient can be cloudy. 

The only intelligent choice is to let the best in the field to handle the heartaches. Getting to the team that has the best possible outcomes will not just be prudent , is also a natural way to curative therapies. 

And the program managers become the key here , becoming catalystic in coordinating preoperative work ups to perioperative to post operative care. 

Program managers are inherently equipped with a skillset to morally support the ailing patient and family , supporting them in all aspects , ranging from arranging accomodation to facilitating doorstep lab evaluation. Their commitment to the patient is perennial , they are always willing to help and available .

Health concierge is the anthem for program managers in heart and lung transplant team and no query is unanswered, no stone left unturned to aid the best possible clinical outcomes . Reach out to us , and we ll dedicate the finest work ethics in helping your dear ones rejuvenate to normalcy. 

Parthasarathy Shanmugam
Manager - Operations
KIMS Institute of Heart, Lung Transplantation
KIMS hospitals, Secunderabad, Telangana-500003.



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