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Dr. Chalapathi Rao Achanta, Saturday, February 13, 2021


Healthy life is a happy life!

When we look around and see people getting back to their normal lives all with their masks on and trying to cope with the norms of social distancing, it appears that it has changed a lot. The pandemic had ushered in a new normal and it has taken its hold so very quickly. Social distancing, remote working, limited outside trips, and no vacations. It has changed our lives completely. The new normal has changed our relationships with people at home, our family, friends, and work colleagues. As we have transitioned gracefully in this new normal, we all need to ensure that we are guided by certain principles that are responsible for maintaining a healthy living and a good health. 

Maintaining a healthy gut in the new normal 
One cannot stress the importance of having a good immunity. Ever since the pandemic has struck, we doctors have been communicating to all of us to keep our immunity strong and to keep physically active and focus on consuming a healthy diet. How strong is your immunity depends a lot on your gut health! Feeding the gut microbiome with a healthy nutritious diet is very crucial for a healthy life and strong immunity. The gut bacteria are always in action and they work towards maintaining your gut health. Recognizing the signs of an unhealthy gut is important. A stomach upset, abrupt changes in your weight, disturbance in your sleep pattern, feeling very tired, constant fatigue, and not tolerating certain food, all these are signs that your gut health is disturbed. The new normal of work from home and people spending more time at home also had an impact on eating habits. So, it’s all the more necessary that you take charge of your gut health so that you can enjoy a healthy living.     

A healthy living
As it is quoted, ‘You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to feel better than you were yesterday. A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it also has a positive impact on your mind, your mood and your overall well-being. Being only physically fit does not define health. Being healthy signifies having a good mental health, pleasant social interactions and emotional well-being as well. Following a healthy lifestyle can also go a long way in preventing many diseases and illnesses. A healthy living is responsible for a better self-esteem, you stay motivated and also have a positive outlook towards life. Feeling good about yourself can help raise your self-image and build your personality in a better manner. Enjoy an active and a fulfilling life that can boost your energy, feel in control of yourself and also be an inspiration to others. 

Here are a couple of tips that can you can consider for a healthy living:
Stay connected with family and friends socially
Interacting socially with people is very important for a good mental health. Staying connected keeps us positive and upbeat, it brings in positive feelings and also boosts our energy levels. 
Stay physically active, maintain a regular exercise routine
This does not mean that you have to spend hours doing workouts. You just need to be active and follow a routine for physical fitness. Consult your doctor, as based upon your age, your doctor will recommend an exercise routine for you that will keep you healthy.  

Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Be alert on what you eat.  
Eating healthy is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet and eat less carbohydrates, high sodium ( salt) and unhealthy fat. Avoid eating junk food and sweets. DO not skip meals as this will only make your body crave more food the moment you resume eating. Remember to burn more calories than you eat. Maintain your weight. Keep a check at regular intervals and ensure that your weight stays in control. 
Get adequate hours of uninterrupted sleep. 
Lack of sleep can induce fatigue in you. You may feel tired and low. Sleep is an integral aspect of good health. So, don’t compromise on your sleep hours. 
Engage yourself in relaxation activities
Stress is unavoidable in today’s fast and competitive life. But to stay healthy, taking a break is significant. Learn to relax. Involve yourself in activities that you are passionate about, take a break to do something that you enjoy and love doing. It indeed makes you feel meditative and goes a long way in reducing your stress levels. 
Interact with people who are positive in their approach to life
Try to mingle with people who encourage you and also talk optimistically. A positive attitude is very important in order to maintain our emotional well-being. Overcoming hurdles become a lot easier and we are able to think better and face challenging situations. 
 Be happy
Smile and be happy. Its easier said than done, isn’t it? In the current challenging times, being happy are forgotten words. But in the midst of all troubles and challenges, we need to learn to stay contented, satisfied and happy. In order to change the things, one is unhappy with, one has to change oneself. Start believing in yourself and come out of all your fears. 
Practice mindfulness
Take time to slow down. Try living in the present and in the moment. Connect with nature. Engage yourself in activities that you are passionate about. Mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety and also improve your mood. Practice lifestyle adaptations and changes in a positive manner. 
Be compassionate
Try to be compassionate, offer a helping hand whenever you can. These little things can be very important in keeping you happy and healthy. 
The new normal during the pandemic has made us tough and more adjusting. Keeping your body healthy is the most important aspect you need to focus upon. Things happening outside might not be in your control, but the ones happening inside are surely in your control. Inculcate healthy habits, healthy thoughts and healthy coping strategies for a healthy living. There is no better time than now to start living healthy.    

Dr. Chalapathi Rao Achanta

Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist,

Liver Specialist, Interventional Endoscopist

KIMS ICON Hospital, Vizag.



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