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Dr. V. Dayasagar Rao, Thursday, July 2, 2020

Heart disease is considered the number one killer in the world. A heart attack is very dangerous; it may sometimes kill the patient in its very first instance. Our priorities have changed and modern lifestyle habits have contributed to an increase in heart disease worldwide. Women and men both are prone to heart attacks depending on their lifestyle habits.

Men may usually exhibit symptoms such as chest pain or uneasiness or heavy sweating before a heart attack, six to seven hours prior to the same. Women may or may not exhibit such symptoms, but may feel fatigued and tired, and may experience lack of sleep.

A heart attack may be mild or severe, though there are procedures to treat the same, it is very important that preventive measures are taken. A healthy heart is in our hands. One must maintain healthy lifestyle habits by exercising regularly and eating the right food at the right time.

Junk food habits must be shunned; a rich fiber diet must opt. Blood pressure must be monitored constantly. Weight loss and weight management ensure that heart disease is kept at bay. Simple walking, climbing stairs, swimming cycling must be incorporated into our lives. Diabetes also is a risk factor for heart diseases; hence the same needs to be managed effectively with medicines and exercise.

Any warning signs such as chest pain or tingling sensation in the hands have to be reported to the doctor immediately. Monitoring the ECG and other vital parameters once in six months can help evaluate the risk of heart disease and prevent its occurrence.

The doctors advised must be strictly adhered to improve quality of life.

At KIMS we focus on preventive heart diseases, by counseling high-risk patients and transforming lifestyles into healthy heart lifestyles and ensuring that heart risks are prevented in a timely and effective manner. We walk with you in your journey towards a fuller life—a better life and let your loved ones stay at peace. Man or a woman it is important to have a Healthy Heart, Healthy Body and Healthy mind to live and enjoy one’s life. Hence man or a woman, who works or is homemaker, must ensure to lead a disciplined life by exercising, keeping stress at bay and partaking food timely intervals. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol must be avoided. Foods rich in sugar such as sweets, soft drinks must partake very rarely.



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