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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A slipped disc is caused when the sciatic nerve is affected. This nerve runs from pelvis, through buttocks and then up to the feet. It is the longest nerve and when it’s affected it causes severe pain and numbness. The slipped disc is also known as a prolapsed disc or herniated disc. When any of the discs is ruptured the gel inside the bone leaks and causes severe pain in the back and the surrounding areas. The best orthopaedics centres in India can diagnose the cause and advice on the right treatment.

The spine :

24 bones in the spinal cord form vertebrae. They are placed one above the other. The circle-shaped pads are the cartilage and form the discs. A gel-like substance is housed inside this. These discs help in a smooth movement. The 24 vertebras are sensitive. The spinal cord holds all the nerve cells and the nerve fibers of the body and connects the entire body to the brain. For something as sensitive as a slipped disc minimally invasive orthopaedic specialists in Hyderabad take enough precautions and conduct safe procedures.

Causes :

A leak in the bone when the disc is ruptured causes a misplacement of the disc. The causes of a slipped disc are:

  • Overweight
  • A back injury, a fall or a car accident.
  • Smoking
  • Work that involves long hours of sitting, driving and lifting of heavy weights
  • Sports like weight lifting
  • Wrong postures

At such times the doctor would suggest you treatments or in a severe case a minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery.

The diagnosis :

The symptoms and the medical history will reveal your case of a slipped disc. A physical exam is also conducted to check his movement responses, muscle strength, his ability to walk and the sensation in the limbs. After which the treatment is planned. The tests include:

Straight leg-raising test :

An orthopaedic specialist in Hyderabad would conduct a simple test where you are asked to raise your leg when you are lying flat on your back. Most of the people with a slipped disc will not be able to lift more than 2/3 rd because of the pain or the numbness. If it’s a minor problem it eases of within a month or more. But if the problems persist then an MRI, a CT scan or discography will follow.

Physical Therapy :

A treatment for a slipped disc mostly is through physical therapy and medications to decrease your pain.

Keep yourself active

An active body comes through your interest in your routine activities. Be humble with the bones at the same time and do not put unnecessary strain on your back.


A physiotherapist uses massage and manipulation techniques. The physiotherapy is exercised based on the pain and the symptoms of the patient hence the technique adopted vary in every case.


Medication is advised basically to decrease the pain and the symptoms.


Pain that exceeds more than six weeks requires a surgery which is uncommon.

Why KIMS ?

At KIMS who happens to have the best orthopaedic doctors in Hyderabad opine that sometimes it becomes inevitable and a surgery becomes essential to treat a slipped disc. The doctors suggest everyone to take a little precaution when you are exercising, lifting weights or by maintaining a correct posture to prevent a slipped disc.



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