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Key Hole Surgery- a Boon to Hernia Patients

Dr. G. Parthasarathy, Monday, August 16, 2021

What is Hernia?

Hernia is a protrusion of an intestines through a weak area on the abdominal wall muscles. It usually happens in the groin, bellybutton or in the area of a previous surgery.

Why should I worry about a Hernia?

When the intestines protrude through a hole in the muscles, they are exposed to the risk of being twisted or injured, causing serious trouble. If left untreated, the hole in the muscle gradually increases in size over time and more and more intestines start bulging out thereby increasing the risk of complications.

Can medicines or ‘Hernia belts’ cure it?

No, hernia belts do not help in decreasing the size or curing a hernia. They can sometimes cause more harm than good. Medicines have no role in the treatment of hernia.

What is key-hole surgery for Hernia?

The most popular option for treating hernias in the recent times has been with laparoscopic or keyhole procedures. This avoids a cut on the abdomen and the entire treatment is carried out with the help of a one centimeter hole in the bellybutton. This has greatly eliminated the pain of surgery and helps the patient recover much faster than the open operation.

How long does it take to recover from a key-hole Hernia repair?

Following a keyhole procedure, the patient is sent home on the very next morning. They are fit to resume their daily activities from the second day of surgery. Most patients are fit to attend office in one week after the treatment. There is no need for daily dressings or frequent hospital visits after the treatment.

Can I exercise after Hernia operation?

Following a laparoscopic surgery for hernia, you are allowed to resume your daily activities and start exercising gradually over a period of few weeks. You are allowed to take walks and climb stairs after one week. You can resume jogging and do stretching workouts at four weeks. Heavy weight training exercises can be resumed at three months from surgery. These can vary from patient to patient depending upon the type of hernia and their muscle tone.

What precautions should I take to prevent the Hernia from coming again after surgery?

There are certain important precautions you should take after undergoing hernia surgery.

Avoiding excessive straining or lifting heavy weights in the immediate post-operative period, good control of blood sugar if you have diabetes, avoiding smoking and ensure that you take a high protein diet. 


Dr. G. Parthasarathy

Sr. Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology,

Laparoscopic & Hepato-Pancreaticobiliary Surgery

KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad.



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