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Dr. S. Sahariah, Monday, November 4, 2019

Kidney Transplant becomes essential when the kidneys are failing. The deceased kidney is replaced by a donor kidney. Top kidney transplant centres in India evaluate the blood, tissue type of the donor kidney so that is matches the patients requirement and also to avoid rejection of the new kidney by the body. They also check for any significant diseases like heart, lung and cancers.

Kidney Transplant Rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad advice the patients after a kidney transplant on following a healthy lifestyle and avoid anything that may affect the kidney. The medicines prescribed must also be taken regularly.Top kidney transplant hospitals in India recommend complete avoidance of smoking and drinking as this will eventually decrease the strength of the kidneys leading to several other complications. Let’s take a look at the other things a kidney transplant patient must strictly adhere to.

1. Quit smoking: Patients who are smokers must quit smoking else they may damage the new kidney and survival rates even after the kidney transplant will reduce in comparison with non-smokers.

2. Alcohol and drugs: Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to weight gain and could threaten your kidneys. Very minimal consumption for those who are habituated to consume alcohol is adviced.

Drugs must be completely avoided as it might react with the medicines you have been taking. It will also increase your blood pressure.

3. Over the counter medicines: Do not take over the counter medicines without your doctors’ advice like herbal medicines as it may react with your medications and cause severe complications.

4. Follow your medications routine: Patients should take the medicines for a life time as these are immune-suppressants. DO not decide to stop these medications, or increase or decrease the doses or the regimen without your physicians notice.

5. A balanced diet: Your diet must include-

  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Milk and dairy foods
  • Foods rich in starch such as potatoes, pastas, bread and rice
  • Meat, egg, fish, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  • Moderate consumptions of fat and sugar
  • Reduce the use of salt in foods you consume

6. Physical exercises and weight loss: Those of the patients who are obese must concentrate on losing weight. Exercising regularly will keep you fit and active. Low intensity work out or aerobics or jogging,swimming can be included as a part of your physical activity.

7. Personal hygiene: Most of the kidney transplant patients are low in immunity and are advised on immune-suppressants. Hence one must maintain a personal hygiene like washing the hands after using the washroom and also avoid contact with people suffering from flu, chicken pox etc.

8. Sex life after kidney: Not to have sex for 6 weeks until the wounds heal. Women are advised not to conceive for over a year after the kidney transplant.


KIMS is one of the kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad, Indiawhere most of the kidney transplants have been successful and so are the survival rates. Kidney transplant specialists in India are emotionally connected to their patients and their sole motive is to improve the condition of the patients suffering from kidney diseases and hence is continuously monitored and a kidney transplant is conducted at the right time considering the patients’ condition and the availability of the kidney.



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