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Dr. S. Sahariah, Monday, November 4, 2019

Failure of the kidney may be attributed to old age, long time disease of the kidney, diabetes, obesity and problems of the heart and when such situation arises when all types of treatment like hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis can do little to restore the kidney, kidney transplantation becomes mandatory. We all know that Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences is the best kidney transplant hospitals in hyderabad where kidney transplants are being done by eminent doctors and within an ambience that can be compared to any infrastructure in top class international hospitals. 

Now question comes about kidney donor for live donor kidney transplant, where the donor may be living or deceased known as cadaver donor and about the whole process of kidney transplant requiring thorough check up of the living donor and undergoing various tests to find out any potential barriers that may prevent any donor from donating kidney. Any healthy person can donate kidney and have normal life expectancy, but to assess the health condition of the donor there is a series of tests for evaluation on whether the donor is in sound health to donate. The main process comes thereafter, where through laparoscopic nephrectomy the kidney is removed from the donor’s body involving incision and the use of a camera. All these processes are handled at KIMS by kidney transplant specialist, making these programs the most dependable in our country. In fact, over 850 kidney transplants have been carried out at KIMS, making this hospital most experienced in this field. This process is the best because of the low rate of complications and shorter period of recovery.

It is only 2 to 3 days of stay in hospital which is required by the donor and such operations carried out at KIMS ensure that the donated kidney is in excellent condition. Here surgery is planned taking into consideration the convenience of both the recipient and donor and the entire process of transplant are handled by the best kidney transplant surgeons in India. Kidney transplant at KIMS ensures long term better results and low rate of rejection while the transplanted kidney starts functioning early. There may be cases where the type of tissues and blood of a living donor do not match with those of the recipient. There is a special program being introduced at KIMS where those types of donors can donate their kidneys to some other person waiting at the first position of the waiting list and in exchange of that, the would be recipient is promoted to the top of the list. This unique program of list exchange is muted at KIMS, still the best kidney transplant hospital in India, where the right kind of treatment is carried out which can be compared to internationally renowned hospitals.



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