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Dr. Ravichand C. Siddachari, Thursday, November 7, 2019

Liver can be termed as the power-house of Human anatomy. It is the largest internal organ of the body, performing various functions such as:

  • Producing bile which aids in digestion
  • Storage of vitamins, minerals and other items
  • Filtering toxins
  • Metabolism
  • Fights infections

Sometimes the liver gets affected due to alcohol abuse or any inherent problems such as liver cancer or excess production of bile or complications of any medications or hepatitis or scarring of the liver.

Liver transplant is suggested if 70% of the liver stops functioning. Usually a live donor is preferred for liver transplant, a part of a liver is obtained usually from a blood relative and is transplanted into the ailing patient, after which the liver starts growing to its normal size. When liver is harvested from a brain dead person it is termed as a cadaver liver transplant.

Why only KIMS for Cadaver Liver Transplant?

At KIMS we ensure all the super specialty doctors from all fields of medicine evaluate patient and his or her prognosis. Our expert team of hepatologists consults a general physician, cardiologists, Transplant co-coordinators, psychiatrist, and financial counselor to provide services on a platter to our patient. The patient is made aware of his condition and is well prepared for the surgery, mentally and physically after extensive diagnostic tests.

The cadaver liver match is hunted by the hospital authorities through our extensive network of multi organ harvesting units across the country and help in hassle-free documentation procedures for speedy transplantation of liver in the ailing patient and his after care for years to come.

The Procedure:

A liver transplant usually takes 12 to 14 hours and is a complicated lengthy procedure. The patient is prepared for the surgery after giving anesthesia; a tube is inserted through the trachea to aid in the breathing process while the surgery is performed.

Various other artificial tubes are inserted to ensure the vital functions of the body are not disrupted. The damaged liver is removed and a segment of liver harvested from the cadaver donor is implanted. After the surgery the ailing patient is carefully monitored in the ICU, until he or she recovers. Usually three tubes will be placed in your abdomen to drain blood and fluid from around the liver, until normalcy returns. T-tube may be inserted to drain bile from the duct of the liver, in certain cases. The patient may have to stay in the hospital for a week or more.


Infection: There may be chances of infection around the liver which may cause death of the ailing patient in very rare cases. Most of the infections can be treated.

Rejection: The body’s immune system may reject the new liver as it is foreign object, anti rejection medicines or immune suppressants are given to overcome the rejection episode which may last up-to one year. Readmission in to hospital to treat this rejection episode is recommended as better care is available.

The procedure of liver transplant is delicate and requires utmost care and precision. AT KIMS we ensure this is possible with expert team of doctors and care-givers round the clock. Our best team of cadaver liver transplant experts ensure cent percent success rates and follow up visits are strictly monitored and adhered to ensure the patient comes back to his normal living. The follow up visits ensure the patient vitals are monitored and his diet and life-style habits are changed to achieve the best results.

We at KIMS assure international treatment in Hyderabad itself at affordable cost, and we have many cases coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, middle-east for affordable cadaver liver transplant surgery.

Our expert hepatologists have treated rare cases of hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease and amyloidosis. It is one its kind hospital in Hyderabad and South Asia matching international standards in affordable perennial acute liver care.



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