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Dr. Narasimha Rao, Friday, November 8, 2019

Not everyone knows the importance of Mediterranean foods and how it improves your health and nourishes your body opines the cancer specialist doctors in Hyderabad. People in the Mediterranean region hence live a long and a healthy life. The most important of all is that it keeps life threatening diseases such as cancer away.


The cancer risk is reduced by 12 per cent when you are on a Mediterranean diet says the cancer treatment centres in Hyderabad based on the studies conducted by them. The consumption of a Mediterranean diet shouldn’t be restricted to just one group of food alone. That way the potential risk of cancer is not reduced. To gain a bigger profit of health and nutrition from the Mediterranean Diet one must include all the naturally available fruits, veggies, dairy and some lean meat products proportionately.

Consuming foods made from olive oil is good fat as against the bad fats used in the preparation of chips, biscuits and cakes. It’s believed to reduce the risk of cancer by 9 percent. Including lentils, peas and beans in your diet will also reduce your risk of cancer by 12 per cent. This research has been beneficial to many people around the world. People are now switching onto the good organic food than the canned products or pizzas or burgers etc which are known to increase cholesterol, blood sugar levels and hypertension.

Diet plays an important role in keeping the cancer away from our body. The foods are classified as those that can induce cancer and those that can lower your risk of cancer. So the former can be categorised as good foods and the latter as the bad foods. Best oncology centres in Hyderabad recommend Mediterranean diet as it has proven to improve your health. People in the Mediterranean region are reaping huge benefits from this as they have been traditionally following this diet.

Following unhealthy diets and people who are obese are easy victims for cancer. A healthy balanced diet can definitely reduce the risk of cancer. The cancer screening centres in Hyderabad insists on consuming the foods in measures and distribute the same over the week excluding that which may increase the cancer risk. They are-

  • Consumption of fruits in good quantity can be encouraged
  • Restrict mono saturated foods to saturated foods
  • Consume more vegetables
  • Include a lot of greens, peas, beans and lentils basically legumes, cereals too
  • Restrict meat products
  • Switch to wine at meals instead of ethanol
  • Eat a lot of fish
  • Limited consumption of milk and dairy products

The Mediterranean Diet is known to decrease the risk of bowel, stomach, mouth, food pipe and breast cancers. Include rich fibre, fruits and vegetables in your diet.


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