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Dr. Anil Kumar . D, Monday, October 28, 2019

A Severely diseased mitral valve can cause the failure of your heart. The two most common problems of the mitral valve are

a) Leaky Mitral Valve

b) Mitral stenosis.

Mitral valve replacement is usually done for mitral valve regurgitation or leaky mitral valve. Mitral valve replacement surgery is a procedure or surgical intervention through which a patient’s diseased or damaged mitral valve is replaced by either a mechanical or a bio-prosthetic valve. Mitral valve replacement is usually done when the valve becomes tight (mitral valve stenosis) for blood to flow into the left ventricle, loose (mitral valve regurgitation) in case blood can leak back into the left atrium and thereby back into the lungs.  Mitral valve disease or problem can occur from either infection, calcifications,  inherited collagen diseases, or any other causes.  Since a mitral valve replacement is an open-heart procedure, it requires placing the patient on cardiopulmonary bypass until the procedure is done. Mechanical valves are made from metal and pyrolytic carbon material, bio-prosthetic valves are made from animal tissue, and the doctor decides which valve suffices who depending on various factors such as age and other underlying conditions; however, blood thinners may have to be used for a lifetime.

General anesthesia is given to the patient, an incision is made to reach the damaged mitral valve and replace it. General risks such as bleeding or clotting are involved. At KIMS Secunderabad and Kondapur, the best Mitral valve treatment is given with the best cardiothoracic surgeons and cardio- surgeons to give the best mitral valve replacement treatment in Hyderabad.



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