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Dr. V. S. Reddy, Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nephrology is a filed in internal medicine dealing in the treatment of disorders of the kidney which include regulating blood pressure, fluids within the body and electrolytes for managing problems related the function of the kidneys.

Where to go for treatment?

KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad is among the best nephrology hospitals in Hyderabad, ranked as No. 1 multi-specialty hospital by Times of India. Functions of the kidneys include regulating the electrolyte level in the body, regulating a balance in blood pressure, between acid and base and keeping check on the levels of water and salt within the body. The best diagnosis and treatment for kidney disorders is carried out by qualified and experienced nephrologists at KIMS, undoubtedly the best nephrology hospital in Hyderabad. There are best nephrologists in India attached to this center of future of health who are well acquainted with the vital procedures that are needed to treat the malfunctions of the kidney.

Renal replacement surgery

Where disorders of the kidneys are beyond control, the only option left is renal replacement surgery. Institute of Renal Sciences at KIMS Hospitals, accredited to be among the best kidney hospitals in Hyderabad is now a leading center for renal replacement with over 600 kidney transplants already being done by best nephrology doctor in India. Providing world class therapy in renal replacement, best nephrology doctor in Hyderabad, attached to KIMS are competent enough to carry out the treatment for chronic kidney failure under a variety of patient friendly environments that includes home and satellite based hemodialysis, in-center treatment and peritoneal dialysis.

Quality care for patients

KIMS is a multi-specialty hospital where quality care for patients is the prime objective and has the best rate of success for renal transplant surgery done by nephrologist’s specialist. Over 2,800 dialysis are carried out per month at this hospital with best nephrologist specialist in Hyderabad treating patients with the aid of latest technology within an ambience that is of international standard. A team of qualified and experienced transplant co-coordinators, doctors and nurses ensure that top quality care is being provided to patients for having the best experience during the stages of treatment.

Maintaining proper kidney health

Maintaining proper kidney health includes taking special care to ensure that the functions of the kidney are well controlled so that they do not affect the functioning of muscles, brain and bines. Renal transplant center at KIMS is an accredited center where modern treatment is being provided to patients by not only best nephrology doctor in Hyderabad but also the best nephrology doctor in India. Treatment for kidney disorders being provided at KIMS also includes steroid medication and administration of hypertensive and anti-rheumatic drugs. For detailed information, you can log onto www.kimshospitals.com.



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