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Dr. Ravella Venkateswara Rao, Friday, November 8, 2019

KIMS Hospitals' Lung Cancer Treatment Doctors in Hyderabad say that the air pollution is a major cause for your Lung Cancer. It also causes other diseases such as asthma and heart disease apart from the cancers. Let’s see how :

What is a Particle Air Pollution? How does it harm our bodies?

It is a combination of tiny particles in the air that includes acids, chemicals, metals, soil, dust particles usually from sources such as wood stoves, forest fires, vehicles, power plants etc. The larger particles do not harm us as our defence mechanism immediately acts on it. While the smaller particles find an easy way to enter, gets into the lungs and into the blood stream causing health issues.

How does particle air pollution cause lung cancer?

KIMS Hospitals, the Best Hospital for Lung Cancer in Hyderabad explains that the reason behind the lung cancer due to particle air pollution. These particles make its way in to the body. The main reason could be due to industrialization and not taking enough precautions to the way such wastes are being disposed opines the Best Oncologist in Hyderabad from KIMS Hospitals.

Who is at risk?

The risk is not restricted to any age group. Anyone can get affected. The people who are at high risk include :

  • The inhabitation of people where there the particle pollution is maximum
  • People who have lung and heart disease
  • People who have low incomes, their work that may be outdoor and or who do not have a proper accommodation will have a direct exposure to particle pollution

How can we act against it?

The air quality index forecast gives us the daily report of the particle pollution. This is an alert for you. You can limit your activity on such days. However, we can work towards the prevention and take steps and not burn wood and trash. Do not idle the vehicles, especially the diesel engines. They are major contributors for your lung cancer.

What can we do to keep our air clean?

One cannot stop the industrialization to stop. Self-measure can be of great help to yourself, your family and your society. If you could do that, then many others too will follow you. Then, many people put together now not only are preventing from the air getting polluted but also are taking measures; spreading the word of what it can cause; preventing from any of your people from getting affected with air borne diseases or even worse such as the lung cancer.

Practice before you preach is very effective and unless someone does it, things may not progress. When someone has done it you get a crowd following. All people need is awareness on such things. Holding activities and creating awareness among the people about how these small things can affect our lives through social groups or organizations can be very beneficial. It can prevent the onset of diseases such as lung cancer which can threaten your life.

Why KIMS Hospitals?

KIMS Hospitals is the best place for a Treatment for Lung Cancer in Hyderabad. They have best Surgical Oncologists in Hyderabad who have treated their patients and helped them recover.



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