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Dr. Subhash Kaul, Friday, November 8, 2019

A person, when diagnosed with Parkinson’s, has to make certain plans for the future despite of being treated by one of the finest Parkinson’s disease specialists. Life becomes miserable as the disease progresses. Hence, by taking a little care of your financial, medical and other important matters earlier shall help you safeguard and secure your loved one’s lives and also prepare yourself for the disease.

Get organized:

Being organized will solve a lot of issues. Gather all your important records and documents that your loved ones may need or should be accessed to. By doing so, you will not be stressed when you cannot contribute in such matters. The records could be-

  • Marriage certificates
  • Property papers and other legal documents associated with it
  • Birth certificates and Passports.
  • Will, trust documents and other paperwork

Make a list of your accounts and bank balances and other insurances that would help pay your medical expenses. They could be-

  • Safe boxes and who is authorized to access these accounts.
  • Make a list of the bank accounts, type, and place including your credit cards and who can access it.
  • Insurances, Investments and the name of the person who is handling the accounts and his phone number.
  • Assets like retirement plans jewelry.

After having set them right, place all of them in a box and make a final list of the finances, Insurances, stocks, property etc.

Plan for the future:

It’s important to entrust somebody to handle all your medical, financial transactions while you are going through Parkinson’s disease treatment. This will also enable you to be taken care of your needs and also your wishes.

  • Living Trusts: A living trust is a power assigned to a person who will manage all your assets while you become disabled physically and mentally. He can also become the owner of your assets. But as a trustee you can have control over everything but is not authorized to sign any document.
  • Wills: In this document, you decide to choose your future heirs to all your property and assets.
  • Advance Medical Directives:Here you create a will for your future when you will not be able to communicate to the doctors.Or you can also create a medical power of attorney and assign a representative who will give out your wishes.
  • Power of Attorney:

    A durable power of attorney is given to a person who will access over all your assets. Define the length of the period for the representative to act so that he cannot misuse your assets in your absence as the legal documents durable.

Disability Information:

Fill out forms for disability information and keep a copy of all of these in a safe place and inform your caregivers. Also, apply for disability government programs at the Social Security Administration Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool.They can help you when you are running out on a steady income or medical cover.

Check the below disability programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • State Health Insurance Counselling and Assistance Programs
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income



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