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Dr. Nagendra Parvataneni, Friday, November 8, 2019


Cancer that comes back is termed as recurrent cancer. A person may be completely treated for cancer; it might resurface after three or four years again. It might come as a rude shock to you to know that. Don’t lose hope we can together fight it again. Be stronger than before and be quite aware that there are many new methods to fight recurrent cancers all that you need are a firmer resolve to fight and defeat it.


Some cancer cells may survive chemotherapy or radiation; they may be too small to be detected by follow-up treatment. They may be tumors which become malignant which can be detected in the follow-up tests. Cancer may appear in other parts of the human body and not the same spot, such cancers are termed as secondary primary cancers. For example, a person may be affected by cancer firstly in the breast and be completely cured, after few years she may experience symptoms of lung cancer or ovarian cancer.


Local recurrence: When cancer appears in the same place as it appeared before it is called local recurrence.

Regional recurrence: if Cancer appears in the adjoining tissues or lymph nodes, it is termed as regional recurrence. Originally a person may have had breast cancer, after few years malignancy may be detected in the lymph nodes surrounding the breast.

Distant recurrence: A person may experience symptoms of metastatic cancer. Cancer may spread to different organs. A lady affected by breast cancer may have kidney cancer or multiple myeloma or cancer affecting the bones, but it is still termed as metastatic breast cancer.

Treatment choices for recurrent cancers: Cancer has to be dealt with in a very cautious manner and recurrent cancer even more cautiously. Recurrent cancers are very precarious in nature, and can be a potential source of life threat. The doctor has to carefully evaluate your condition before adopting any course of treatment. Treatment towards recurrent cancer aims at eliminating the malignancy and preventing its further spread. The doctor evaluates the following factors before starting further course of treatment

  • Your overall general health condition
  • Your age, weight, and any other underlying complications
  • The location of recurrent cancer, whether local, regional or distant
  • Your response to previous treatments
  • The time gap between first cancer and the recurrent cancer
  • Your adaptability to the side effects or after effects of the previous treatment.

These factors form important markers for treating recurrent cancers. It is important that you tell your doctor what you expect from the treatment. The doctor also briefs you about your condition. The doctors also may suggest you go in for a clinical trial to arrive at the best treatment option possible. The doctor’s goals during the treatment would be:

  • Arresting Malignancy
  • Improving the quality of life of the patient
  • Preventing another attack of cancer
  • Managing the symptoms

Periodical tests are suggested during the course of treatment and cancer is staged as is done in the case of primary cancer by adding an additional “r” to it. Palliative care forms an integral part of recurrent cancer treatments.

Coping with the truth that you have been affected by cancer again:

Cancer once again!!..... No, not again would be any person’s reaction. It can be a very difficult time for the family and friends involved. It means to maintain the same level of strength, focus on getting over it again. The resilience has to be doubled. It is important you should not falter or be upset or depressed. The focus should be on managing your symptoms and bouncing back. Keep grief away, stay positive, follow doctors advice, the oncologists may suggest another round of chemotherapy or radioactive treatments or removal of the tumor using a cyber knife as appropriate. Be ready and prepared, stay cool if you have done it once you can do it the second time too. Exercise, meditate and enjoy as much as you can it helps the treatment work better for you. Stay positive you can conquer it once again.

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