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Dr. S. Sahariah, Monday, November 4, 2019

Organ transplant is a safe procedure. There have been successful transplants saving many lives that were precious for their families. Organ transplant procedure is a boon to the medical science itself. It’s a proud feeling when you are ableto extend a person’s life fighting the death itself. Getting back to your normal routine will make you feel rejuvenated.After all the long stay for transplant and recovery at the hospital you would have been waiting to get a whiff of the sun, the work, the normal routine and get back in time. And yes!You should and you can in most cases.

Take it slow:

You are now happy to be back at work. But you should remember that your body is still adjusting to a new entrant within itself. An unwanted stress or accident can affect your system. Although you are healed and are feeling healthyyour body might not be able to cope with the same work force or thought processes.Hence, when you are back at work chose a job that will enable you to do things slowly or a position that doesn’t drain your energy at once. Take it slow and understand the limitations of your body.

Expect an alien treatment at workplace:

You are all excited after having got back to work but then don’t be surprised if you get stares or if you have been poured with doubtful questions or conversations often intending to show sympathy like you are going to get ill again or that you are not normal. Don’t be disappointed with all their queries and sympathies. Educate them about how far the medical science has developed. Let them know that the organ transplant can indeed extend a man’s life span.

Returning to work after an organ transplant:

No matter what you say few of them are hell bent to believe in their beliefs. No medical marvel can change their thought process. If you are not being hired by your employer for that fact that you have had an organ transplant or if he thinks that you are incapacitated to work then do not force or plead him to take you on work.When you have gone through so much of pain and been brave to fight back with your body and have had a great escape from the disease you deserve more respect than ever as you have fought the odds. Go back to your health care centre. They will put you in touch with the support groups. They will inturn get you placed where you will be treated normally like other and your organ transplant will not be an issue among your folks.

Finding a donor for an organ transplant is more complicated than anything else. People wait for years together to get a donor who is willing to donate. But the National and international connections that K.I.M.S. has with the organ donation centres worldwide have saved many lives so far. It is therefore referred to as the best transplantation hospital in Hyderabad.



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