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Dr. I. Vishwanatha Reddy, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Joint replacement surgery is the last option when there are no other alternatives to allow free movement of joints in the human body and at KIMS, large number of joint replacements are carried out by eminent orthopedics which include best knee joint replacement surgeon in india. In spite of apprehensions about the risks involved in joint replacement, many patients have recovered fully after joint replacement surgery in hyderabad, at KIMS, the best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad and India.

According to the best orthopedic doctors in hyderabad, the risks involved in joint replacement include infections that may happen after surgery with the wound being affected. This may happen while at hospital or after being released and whereas minor infections can be treated with drugs, major infections may need re surgery. Another risk factor is blood clots near the wound which may develop into swellings, causing pain. Treatment includes drugs and special stockings, boots and exercises, which may help in making the blood thinner. Dislocation or in other words balls of the joint coming out of the socket is another risk involved which can be treated using noninvasive methods but in case of severity, surgery may be the only option. KIMS is one of the best knee replacement hospitals in india where too risk factors involved in joint replacement cannot be ruled out, but being a hospital of repute, prevention and care is taken to ensure that there are minimum chances of infection and other risks. Even the best orthopedic in hyderabad opines that risks are no doubt there in joint replacement during the post-operative period like injury to blood vessels and nerve, where, the nerves and blood vessels around the area of surgery may be damaged. Minor damages can heal with time but in case of severity, doctor should be consulted immediately. Although a successful joint replacement can last for as many as 15 years, there are chances of wear in course of time and if this is so, doctor should be consulted. Other risks also include congestion of the lungs, and breathing exercises can be a solution to prevent such risk.

Doctors at KIMS, considered among the best orthopedic hospitals in hyderabad suggests that although certain risks are involved in joint replacement, having the surgery done at KIMS would definitely minimize the chances of such risks, and with best rheumatologist in hyderabad to attend, patients can be confident of having their joint replacement done successfully. At KIMS, patients are well informed about the course of treatment during joint replacement and of the risks involved so that they are able to take informed decisions. Joint replacement should be done after consultation with doctors assessing the amount of risk depending upon the physical fitness of the patient.



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