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Friday, November 8, 2019

The advancement in science and technology haspaved way for improved surgical procedures. Conventionally while treating rectum and colon cancers, some of the major functions were affected. Now, with the use of Da Vinci Surgical Systems, the robotic minimally invasive and surgical techniques,the bowel functions and sexual function with patients suffering from colon and rectum cancers are preserved. This is a boon to the patients opines the Colorectal surgery specialist in Hyderabad.


The Robotic Colorectal Surgeryhospitals in Hyderabad have replaced the traditional modes of open and laparoscopic surgery.The surgeon who operates from his console can view the patient in the three dimensions. The camera resolution is so high that the surgeon has a clear vision of the area. The visuals of the dissection of the body, the nerves and the blood vessels are so clear that there is no scope for errors while performing the surgery. The doctor who may have to otherwise stand for long hours during the surgery instead sits in his console without any operational fatigue which helps in controlling the procedure and performing it with complete focus.


The early diagnosis of colon and rectum would result is an early cure. But most of the cancer patients are asymptomatic. Propercolorectal cancer screening would enable the surgeon to decide on a treatment that would heal him before it can cause more trouble. The state-of –the-art-technology and the high definition monitors for minimally invasive and laparoscopic colorectal surgeries and colorectal cancers has enabled a clear, complete and definitive cure.


The Robotic surgery specialist for colorectal surgery in Hyderabad sits in his console and uses the robotic arms to make incisions, dissections while doing so it plays a role of a nurse withdrawing tools and connecting the other tools as and when it is required while he is performing the surgery. The surgeon is not physically present yet he is controlling and performing the surgery himself as all the controls of the robotic surgical system is with him. The minimally invasive robotic procedures are advantageous for both the surgeon and the patient in multiple ways which include:

  • Zero operational fatigue for the surgeon
  • It auto filters any human tremors it notices
  • Procedure is conducted with absolute precision and dexterity
  • Lesser hospital stay for the patient
  • Minimal blood loss for the incisions are smaller
  • Less trauma
  • Conducting the procedure without having to disrupt the functions
  • Fewer complications
  • Faster recovery
  • Return to routine activities in a very short span of time


The robotic procedures conducted at some of the best robotic surgery centres for colorectal surgery for colorectal cancers and other diseases include:

  • AbdominoPerineal Resection (APR) for rectal cancer
  • Total Procto-Colectomy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Low Anterior Resection(LAR) for rectal polyps or rectal cancers
  • Protectomy for Crohn’s disease
  • Reoperative Pelvic Surgery benign or malignant
  • Trans-abdominal repair of rectal prelapse
  • Protectomy with J-pouch reconstruction for ulcerative colitis


KIMS is one of thebest hospitals for colorectal surgery in Hyderabad as it has specialists who can operate the colon and rectal cancers and other disorders associated with it very efficiently and cure their patients. .



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