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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Robotics is a new trend in the medical world which is no less than a boon as the surgeries conducted using the robotic technology has had good results. It has gained its momentum in every field of medical science and we see rapid demand for robotics in Gynaecology and Obstetrician and Urology. Joint Replacement surgery centres in Hyderabad are slowly adopting the robotic procedures in orthopaedic world.

Why Robotic surgery can be a better procedure than Traditional Joint Replacements?

The application of robotics in surgeries is very advantageous for both the surgeon and the patient in many ways. While for the surgeon it can be very helpful in conducting a surgery without any human errors. Yet the same technology is not agreeable or is not being accepted by many surgeons or the patients. Yet, the Robotic surgery for joint replacement is slowly getting absorbed in the orthopaedic branch as well. Let’s see the reasons why the surgeons are switching over to this technology :

The main focus is to fit the prosthetic joint in its position and making sure it is secure. For this purpose robotic surgery is very precise and the prosthetic joint can be aligned precisely.

Observations say patients concentrate on what brand of the prosthetic implant is used or of what material the implant is etc. while the actual thing here is to see how well the surgery is performed. This factor gives the success rates of a Robotic Joint Replacement.

If a poor surgical technique is adapted then no matter how good the implant is the surgery will fail.

The robotic surgery also controls and inserts the implant precisely. It guides us through the right bones and joints. This helps in the right and appropriate fixation of the implant.



KIMS is the best hospital for robotic surgeries in Hyderabad as the procedures are handled by experienced surgeons and also who have learnt and performed the robotic surgeries.



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