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Dr. I. Vishwanatha Reddy, Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The pain and the difficulties that accompany along with the Arthritis is just a phase. Developing a positive attitude, creating a healthy lifestyle, addressing the issues both physical and emotional will relieve your stress. Self-Management is a technique to tell you the things that you cannot change but accept. It makes a difference when you look at the positive aspects of your life.

What do when diagnosed with Arthritis?

All diseases create anxiety. It attacks your emotions. Yes, it’s normal. Now, create a defensive system around it. Read everything about the disease. Do not hesitate to discuss any issues or doubts that are bothering you with your physician. Your immediate family, friends, and colleagues are always a support system. Talking about your fear, pain or anything will give you a feeling of people who are ready to help and support. Apart from de-stressing you, this activity will boost your confidence.

Self-Management Techniques will help you get relieved from your fear and you will be able to handle your disease better when you notice the signs of improvement. Here are a few of them.


Take the medicines as per your doctor’s advice. Watch your symptoms and note down the changes for any side effects, elevated pain if any after the treatment procedure. Follow it up with your physician and clear it.

Manage your pain:

Arthritis is a chronic disease that affects your activities as it restricts your movement. It aggravates your pain if you force yourself with the things that your body cannot afford causing weakness and fatigue. Apart from the treatment, there are certain natural therapies that work well for Arthritis. Follow and adapt accordingly.

Exercise regularly:

Exercising might get difficult for you with Arthritis but it relieves you as well. The muscles around your joints strengthen when you exercise. It keeps you active and enables weight loss. Hence, exercising can be very beneficial.

Relax when your body asks for it:

Take breaks while you are running around completing your tasks. Sleep for a while as it refreshes you from your stress and makes you get back to work with renewed energy.

Eat good and get adequate sleep:

Healthy eating in combination with the foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory qualities can help you improve arthritis and also balance your weight. A sound sleep is very essential. Keep your room dark and read a book. It will help you fall asleep else seek your doctor’s advice.

Self-Management can help you deal and live well with the disease. It’s up to you to do that for life is beautiful and you are a part of it.

To get the right treatment you should look for orthopaedic hospitals that treat Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment in Hyderabad. At KIMS your concerns are addressed and treatment is provided by looking at your medical history. Medication, therapies and surgery (if necessary) is advised depending on the level of your ailment. Whatever the level of ailment it is you are assured of improving your disease.



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