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Dr. E. A. Varalakshmi, Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive dementia. In United States it is considered as the sixth leading cause of death. The major risk factor is age. Adults over the age of 65 may experience symptoms of the disease. The major symptoms are waning of memory, forgetting people, their names and faces. It is a brain disorder which has no permanent cure. There are certain medications that may offer temporary relief. If you have an elderly parent at home look for the following signs:

  • Memory Loss: One tends to forget lot of common things like names of the people around them. They can’t remember days of the month or birthdays of loved ones.
  • Face difficulty in planning or solving problems: They may problems solving simple mathematical equations. May forget to pay bills on time.
  • Difficulty in understanding visual images and spatial relationships: For certain individual’s vision problems may signal Alzheimer’s disease. Judging distance while driving , difficulty in recognizing colors
  • Confusion of place and time: One might have problems with recognizing time, addresses and places. One might forget to back home from super market or any other place and need to be accompanied by a helper.
  • Difficulty in completing tasks at home: completing tasks at home may be harsh for some. Cooking, cleaning may seem arduous tasks.
  • Speech, writing problems, change in handwriting may have to be noticed.
  • Judgment skills take a step back.
  • Misplacing things and not able to locate them, like keys etc
  • Not socializing with friends, keeping aloof, talking to one self, feeling secluded.
  • Mood and personality disorders such as shouting, getting tired easily, a sense of anxiety, depressive tendency grips the person.

Alzheimer is manageable definitely though not curable. KIMS has the distinction of being the only hospital in Hyderabad with the best Alzheimer’s doctors offering comprehensive and sustainable treatment options for the patients. In India very few hospitals treat patients with Alzheimer’s symptoms and KIMS is the best Alzheimer’s treatment hospital and resource centre in Hyderabad. Our surgeons are well experienced in performing surgery for Alzheimer’s if required to reduce the symptoms of the same.



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