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Dr. Nagendra Parvataneni, Friday, November 8, 2019

The number of people getting diagnosed with Oral cancer is getting increased every year causing several deaths. Oral cancer can affect any part of your mouth which significantly includes -

  • Lips
  • Teeth
  • Tissue that lines your lips and cheeks
  • Tongue
  • Gums
  • Floor of your mouth
  • Roof of your mouth

A bump or a sore in your mouth can cause anxiety with regards to what it is. Here’s what you have to know a few things about-

Painful but not dangerous: Not all sores are malignant. If you notice a sore inside your mouth, do not conclude that it is cancerous or dangerous. These sores usually look like ulcers with a tweak in the centre. The middle of these sores can be white, grey or yellow with redness in the outer lining.These sores heal by itself in a couple of weeks. If it lasts more than two weeks then it needs consultation for a better clarity.

A patch should make you inquisitive: The squamous cells are those that appear on your tongue,gums, tonsils or the inner lining of your mouth. These cells are either white or red which at times could lead to squamous cell carcinoma.

The white patches: The white patches sometimes are caused due to chewing of tobacco, a rough tooth etc. Some people are habituated to chew the inside of cheeks causing cell overgrowth which leads to leukoplakia. This tissue can become malignant but in most of the cases are benign.

Red or white patches: Abnormal cell growths that appear red or white are more prone to become cancerous. It’s a sign for erythroleukoplakia. Mouth cancers rarely cause pain in the initial stages.

Erythroplakia requires immediate professional help: The red patches in the mouth are an indication of precancerous tissue. Most of these patches cause cancer.If it’s diagnosed to be erythroplakia,the doctor will take a biopsy of these cells for further treatment.

Check your tongue: Inspect your tongue once in a month under bright light and look for any abnormal growth of cells. This self-check will push you to visit a doctor and thereby you can get a screening done to rule out for any precancerous cells.

Regular check-up: Most of us ignore dental health. When one visits a diagnostic centre for a complete health check-up, make sure a screening is conducted for your dental check as well.

Make it mandatory to visit your dentist twice a year. Oral health is as important as the rest other parts of your body that seeks your attention.

K.I.M.S. at Hyderabad ensures best treatment for your dental care with a team of professionals who are not only profound but also well experienced which further enables their patients get the required treatment at the right time. Among the medical oncology hospitals, K.I.M.S. stands out to be the best one if you are looking out for a radiation surgical oncology specialist in Hyderabad.A regular screening of your mouth will keep the possibilities of having cancer at bay.



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