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Dr. P. Raghu Ram, Friday, November 8, 2019

Soy is rich in low-fat protein. The tofu, tempeh, miso, soy, edamame are all the traditional forms of soy. The myth states that soy causes breast cancer. Let’s take a look at what the myths have been over soy and breast cancer.

Soy foods cause breast cancer: 

Soy which is a plant-based chemical is similar to the structure of estrogen.

Asian families consume soy products in abundance and there are very few reports of breast cancer.

Doctors once opined that foods rich in estrogen will aggravate the growth of breast cancer while the fact is that they reduce the chances of breast cancer.

The impact of any soy products on the body are the same:

The protein isolate in supplements such as meat substitutes are believed to be devoid of fiber.

The Nutritionists’ advice the people on consuming whole soy once in a day for two servings that could include

  • A cup of soy milk
  • I ounce of soy nuts
  • 3 ounces of tofu
  • Half a cup of cooked edamame

Soy protects against breast cancer:

The research states that the results are promising and the soy protects one from breast cancer than speeding it up.

Research is going on as to what amounts of soy have to be consumed specially with women who are in the post menopause phase. They believe it can have an impact on their body as estrogen levels are low in them.

Avoid all soy foods if you have had breast cancer or if you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer:

The soy is adviced to be taken in small amounts and sometimes to be on the safer side it is not to be included in the diet at all.

A survey conducted on American and Chinese women who consume soy reveal that the One’s who consumed soy are 25% less likely to have their cancer return.

Few others worry that they may interfere with the drugs they are taking to cure breast cancer like Tamoxifen for that matter. The study was conducted on the people who consume soy foods such as tofu, soy milk, and fresh soy beans.

Soy affects breast cancers that are sensitive to estrogen:

Soy isoflavones estrogen receptor positive breast cancers but the early research considered this as lower risk for some types of breast cancers.

A survey on Chinese women with the ratio of 750 over 1000 who consumed soy and who didn’t, revels that the ones who consumed more of soy were less likely to have any type of breast cancer.

It also means that people who consume soy will not prevent them from getting cancer in future but then it proves that they have healthier lifestyles than those who do not consume soy.

Apart from the ongoing debate and research if soy causes cancer or not the serious issue needs to be addressed. The breast cancer hospitals in India have effectively treated the breast cancer victims and cured them from the disease.



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