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Friday, November 8, 2019

What is cervix?

The Cervix is a part of the female human anatomy. It is shaped like a cylinder and is right below the uterus. The cervix is made of cartilage which is soft and moist tissue. It is one cm long in size. The part of the cervix that can be seen is termed as the ectocervix; the endocervix is a tunnel-like passage.

What is cervical cancer?

Malignancy in the cervix is termed as cervical cancer. Abnormal cell growth in the cervix becomes malignant and can lead to death in its later stages.

Symptoms of cervical cancer:

Many women do not experience symptoms in early stages. It would be important to notice for signs like abnormal vaginal bleeding during and after sexual intercourse or pain in the pelvis region. Women in menopause must go to the doctor in case of any abnormal bleeding.

Causes of cervical cancer:

There are many underlying causes which may or may not be identified; the major cause is HPV or Human papillomavirus. HPV is an infection and there are 100 different types in it, HPV lead to cervical cancer. Some HPV infection cause genital warts which up the risk of genital cancer. Keep looking for changes. Smoking, indulging in sexual activity with different partners may increase the risk of infections which again ups the risk of cervical cancer.

Identification of cervical cancer

An abnormal Pap test means a latent HPV infection. If you have multiple sex partners it is important to change to one partner and get a Pap test done at regular intervals. This is the best way to detect cervical cancer. A nuclear scan also helps detect cervical cancer. HPV may stay in the body but may become deadly after a long time. Pap smear test locates the abnormal cells on the cervix, which does not essentially mean cancer or malignancy. It is a preventive step in the right direction. Pap smear test identifies the cell changes. ASC-H or ASC-US is minor cell changes which go away with time, the causes though unknown. ASC-H or LSIL type cell changes may become severe but are curable. HSIL and AGC may indicate pre-cancerous stage and may turn into cervical cancer if unattended to. In certain countries labeling systems are used to denote cell changes and are broadly classified as dysplasia. The doctor may suggest additional tests such as:

HPV Test: This test can identify high risk types of HPV thereby facilitating quick action

Colposcopy: A magnifying instrument is used to see the vagina and cervix and a sample is taken to examine under the microscope

Cone biopsy: The cone biopsy removes a bit more tissue than a cervical biopsy does. It may also serve as treatment mode by removing the abnormal cells detected.

Tests used for treating yeast, fungi or sexually transmitted diseases may also help in detecting abnormal cells on the cervix.


Cancer of the cervix if detected early is curable. The first line of treatment would be to extract the abnormal cell growth from the cervix to prevent its spread and give medications to arrest further growth. Treatment may include:

  • Cryo Therapy: It freezes the abnormal cells in the cervix and kills them
  • Laser Therapy: Laser beams are used to make the abnormal cells inactive in the cervix.
  • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP): In this procedure, a low-voltage electrified wire loop is used to cut out or remove abnormal cervical cells.

The main focus would be to remove the cancerous cells. Ladies pregnant are closely monitored by tests at periodical intervals, to rule out cervical cancer.

You must not come to a pre conclusion that an abnormal pap test means cancer. Please visit you family doctor. If you are in your pre-menopause or menopause stage you may experience such symptoms. The Minor cell changes may improve with use of estrogen creams.

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