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Dr. CH. Uma Maheshwara Rao, Wednesday, October 30, 2019

In medical science and treatment for various diseases, it has become mandatory to keep patients informed about the symptoms, diagnosis, and procedure for treatment so that informed decisions can be taken. For those who are to undergo kidney transplant surgery, here is a brief synopsis of facts that ought to be known.


The symptoms that suggest kidney transplant surgery as the best alternative, as suggested by kidney specialist in Hyderabad, attached to KIMS Hospital, include severe damage to the kidney causing failure in renal functioning process, due to result of acute illness, causing the kidney to stop functioning normally and also due to chronic diseases like high blood sugar and blood pressure. Dehydration and fluid retention are other symptoms that signify renal failure.


KIMS is among the best kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad, where the best kidney specialist in Hyderabad is attached and proper diagnosis is carried out to confirm kidney transplant surgery as the only alternative. Diagnosis includes various tests like chest X-Ray, ECG/EKG, blood tests, Ultrasound test with Doppler examination, Lung Function Test, Viral testing and other routine examinations. Proper diagnosis is carried out at KIMS, among the best kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad, under the supervision of a specialist in kidney transplant in Hyderabad.

Surgical procedure

Procedures in kidney transplant surgery include laparoscopic live donor, renal transplant and Nephrectomy.  Services in renal transplant are being provided at KIMS for end-stage renal failures with transplants which are of two types’ viz. deceased donor and living donor transplantation. Reconstructive techniques and advanced methods in kidney transplant surgery is being followed at KIMS, undoubtedly among the best kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad.

These facts, in brief, will help patients to be well informed and also to make an informed decision.



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