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Dr. T. Narender Kumar, Friday, November 8, 2019

What is Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder has been used since ages by women and for babies for the reason that it keeps the skin dry. Yes! That’s true. The talcum powder is obtained from mineral called talc. It is composed of magnesium, silicon and asbestos. Studies reveal that asbestos is known to cause cancer mainly in the lungs and in the genital areas.

Does talcum powder cause cancer?

Talc is distinguished between one that contains asbestos and the other that is asbestos free. Although cosmetic products that come with a mention of asbestos free is found to be quite rare.

The research studies to determine the use of asbestos in talcum powders are based on two strategies:

  1. Lab Studies: The studies are conducted on lab animals such as rats, mice or hamsters with high exposure of asbestos to check for tumors. Or the normal cells of the same animals are exposed to high doses of asbestos to note the changes if any. The results obtained from these case studies had cancerous changes in some and none in some other cases. These results have not been helpful in affirming the presence of asbestos leading to cancer. However, the same results cannot be compared or completely applicable to humans as the changes may differ in them.
  2. Studies in people: The comparisons here are made between two sets of people. One with a group of people who have been exposed to asbestos and the other set who haven’t. The changes that lead to cancer are based on several other factors too. The studies that just reveals the exposure of asbestos causes cancer cannot determine that it cancer affirms the best of the cervical cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.

The case studies conducted have known to increase the risk of certain cancers which includes-

  • Ovarian Cancer: Women’s Oncology specialists in Hyderabad opine that there is a possibility of the talcum powder finding its way into the vagina, the uterus, and fallopian tubes and to the ovary when used on the genital areas or the sanitary napkins, diaphragms or condoms. After a number of case studies the Women’s Oncology centres in Hyderabad say that the potential risk due to exposure of talc is still undetermined based on the observations made in the case studies as the studies that were conducted on talc that causes ovarian cancers had mixed results.
  • Lung Cancer: Miners are at more risk of breathing in talc as they are constantly exposed to it. They are more prone to lung cancers and other respiratory disorders. Also one cannot conclude that the talc alone would have been the reason to cause cancer as they are also exposed to radon which also is known to cause cancer. Hence, here too the research continues.

Can the risk for cancer reduce if the talcum powder is not used?

It’s better to avoid using talcum powder until the research is final to avoid the risk of cancer.


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