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Dr. Subhash Kaul, Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Teens are active throughout the day. It’s an age where they are bubbling with enthusiasm. They have a good amount of stamina that allows them to do things tirelessly. The modern era has introduced them to a world of the internet where you can explore, learn and innovate a lot of things. The electronic gadgets, the games, the movies etc. whatever interests the young minds they get hooked to it. The outcome is severe headaches.

The headaches can be really irritating. They don’t allow you to concentrate and can be very bothersome. They are usually because of the stress that comes for a teenager from a busy schedule that might include studies, tuitions, exams, involvement in one or more sports and other extracurricular activities.

The reason for the headaches is usually because of missing on the routine activities that keep you energised. The most important of them are eating habits, sleeping and exercising. Headaches are usually felt on the sides and in the front. These headaches can be due to stress. They can be mild and repetitive. While the more severe headaches are of the migraine type which is throbbing and pounding form of headaches. It’s quite unbearable and notices symptoms such as vomiting, nausea. It is observed that 20-30 per cent of teenagers have these headaches. These headaches can disrupt their activities and pull them down from contributing to their success. When the reason for the headache is identified then they can be treated leading to headache-free days. A visit to the neurosurgery clinic in Hyderabad and discussing your issues with him will resolve your problem. Let’s take a look at the symptoms that cause these headaches.

Dehydration :

A lot of teenagers do not intake sufficient amounts of water. They tend to forget drinking water.

Sleep disorders :

The teenagers are hyperactive and stay awake for long hours in the night or may not sleep enough. A teenager should at least sleep for 8-9 hours per night. This triggers headache keeping you drowsy and inactive for the rest of the day.

Glaring into the computer screen :

Today one needs not to look to the TV and wait for their favourite shows. Even if you have missed your favourite show it’s available on the net. The habit of watching shows back to back or anything for that matter and looking into the computer screen, iPods, iPhones etc. for hours together will strain your eyes leading frequent headaches

Stress :

The physical and emotional drain also amounts to headaches. Keeping calm will help

Vision problems :

Teenagers with vision problems can also get headaches. Get your eyes tested periodically

Eating habits:

They forget to have food at the right time. This irregular and untimely eating habits or starving can be a major reason for headaches. Encourage them to carry healthy foods to school.

Girls :

Changes in hormones too can cause headaches.

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and coffee :

Smoking and drinking are injurious to health. This can add on to headaches. Apart from that, caffeinated drinks can also increase headaches.

If you feel that you are headaches are not seeming to be the normal ones and facing the below symptoms and are repetitive, it’s time now to seek advice from the best neurophysiology specialist in Hyderabad for treatment.

  • Frequent headaches
  • Waking up to a headache with severe pain
  • Headache after having a head injury
  • Headache due to seizures
  • Headaches with vomiting, nausea.

Most of the headaches are treatable including the migraine with the migraine treatment in Hyderabad. Since the health of our teenagers is at most important it’s always better to learn the reasons for a headache and get them treated and relieve them from pain so that they can go about their activities smoothly and scale heights.



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