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Dr. T. Narender Kumar, Monday, November 4, 2019

Bone Marrow Transplant :

Teens are prone to get Leukaemia, Sarcomas, Blastomas, Neuroblastoma, Myelodysplasia, Medulloblastoma and Lymphoma. At such a situation you may be advised for a bone marrow transplant mainly for two reasons.

  1. The failure of a previous treatment
  2. To prevent future cancer from taking rebirth

Bone marrow transplant specialist in Hyderabad from KIMS Hospitals explains about the bone marrow. It is a spongy material present in the cavities of the bones where the blood cells are produced. Blood comprises of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Each performs a specific function. These cells grow in the bone marrow and divide and over a period of time they get fully functional while the old cells die. These new stem cells are found in the bone marrow and some stem cells are also found in the bloodstream and in the umbilical cord from newborn babies. These stem cells have a unique strength to fight against cancers.

Cancer and the need of Transplant :

Bone marrow transplantation is conducted when all the other therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation have had an effect over the bone marrow that not only killed the unhealthy ones but also the healthy ones causing damage to the bone marrow. The different types of transplants one can vouch for are:

  1. Syngeneic Transplant: When the patients’ own identical twin is donating the stem cell.
  2. Allogenic Transplant: The donor here is a genetically matched member basically his sister or brother
  3. Autologous Transplant: If you are diagnosed with cancer that does not affect your marrow then that marrow can be grown and frozen for your future.
  4. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant: Stem cells are also present in your bloodstream. This can also be collected and used for bone marrow transplants.
  5. Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant: Stem cells are collected from the newborn babies umbilical cord and is frozen and stored for future purpose.

KIMS Hospitals, one of Best bone marrow transplant centers in Hyderabad follow certain steps for the transplant procedure. That include:

  • A decision is made by your team to go for a transplant either because of an earlier failed treatment or to start a new treatment
  • They make sure the bone marrow is compatible with yours.
  • If you do not find a match then you have to start looking outside
  • Once you find the donor you are further put through many tests before the transplant is conducted
  • Radiation along with high doses of chemotherapy is given to kill all the cancer cells over several sessions. This is called conditioning treatment.
  • You will be prone to infections at this point of time and you have to take strict precautions not to contract anything.
  • The donor comes to the hospital where you are and gives it and he is discharged on the same day. In case he lives in another place the marrow will be collected and will be flown to your hospital.
  • After all the safety measure the bone marrow is intravenously transferred to your body where it will start producing new healthy cells. This procedure can be conducted only by a well experienced famous bone marrow transplant surgeon at KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad.
  • It takes a weeks’ time or even a little more than that to start producing new blood.
  • If there are no complications you will be discharged from the hospital facility in roughly four weeks.

After the Bone Marrow Transplant:

After the discharge from the hospital you will be monitored for any infections or host vs. graft disease where in your immune system will fight against your own body. You may also be advised for G-CSF (Growth Colony Stimulating Factor) to improve your white blood cells and many other medicines until your health gets streamlined.

Why KIMS Hospitals?

KIMS Hospitals is the best place for treatment for teens cancer in Hyderabad as the panel of doctors here ensure that the tiny buds get out of the life threatening disease and hence make the right diagnosis and start an immediate treatment for a faster cure and heal them back to life.



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