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Dr. P. Raghu Ram, Friday, November 8, 2019

Steps in Breast self-examination

  1. You must do breast self-examination on a periodical basis, say once in a month, preferably in a room with a mirror and good lighting. Observe both the breasts carefully, notice for any differences in color, shape and size.
  2. A visual examination of the nipples has to be done carefully. Look for any redness, itchy feeling, rashes, swelling in the nipples or if any of the nipples is inverted.
  3. Identify if you are having any milky or blood red discharge from your nipples.
  4. Feel for lumps on your breast by lying down. If your fingers feel any bumpy surface get it checked immediately. Also, feel for the lumps starting from your underarm area.
  5. Once over 40 years, it is advisable to get a mammogram done periodically.


We must understand the risk factors for breast cancer to prevent the same. Certain risks are:

  • Women are more likely to develop breast cancers as compared to men.
  • Women aged over and above forty have a greater risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Genetic mutations can cause breast cancer. If any near relative like mother or sister has developed breast cancer, you may be at risk too. 5% to 10% of cases of breast cancer occur on account of BRCA1 and BRCA 2 gene mutations
  • Women of white or European ethnicity have gene mutations of BRCA; they need to get themselves checked regularly.
  • Your medical history plays a vital impact. If you have been cured of breast cancer, it is more likely to reoccur again. If you have had your first period before 11 years you may be at risk due to early menopause. Any hormonal therapy for conception or any other allied health reasons may up the risk of breast cancer
  • Your lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol consumption may elevate the chances further.


  • The steps in prevention must include understanding the risk factors and taking necessary steps to fight them. Some of the preventive measures include
  • Following a healthy lifestyle by eating food full of nutrition, avoiding junk food, and doing moderate exercises.
  • Visit your gynecologist, if you have any problem with your periods or pain or heavy feeling in the breasts.
  • Get a mammogram done regularly. You can form a group and visit the doctor regularly, as this will be a group effort and you will not feel scared.
  • Avoid alcohol or heavy smoking.
  • Don’t fail to do your breast self-examination, always be watchful and careful in identifying any possible symptoms.

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