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Dr. K. Krishnaiah, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Do you think the foot pain is caused because of the problems with your feet? Do you know that in most of the cases the foot pain you have is because of the problems in your spine? Foot pain is accompanied by numbness and leg pain as well.

Lower back conditions that results in Foot Pain :

Any problem in the spine would affect the spinal nerves of your lower back leading to leg pain that further reaches your foot. Spine is divided into segments such as L1, L2 etc. This leads to pain in the foot, thigh, knee and shin. A visit to a spine centre in Hyderabad ensures the reason for the pain and a right treatment. The pain in the disc is the lower back conditions that lead to Herniated Lumbar Discs, Lumbar spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis

  1. Herniated lumbar Discs : When a disc’s inner core is leaking into its outer core, it exerts pressure on the root of the nerve resulting in the pain that is sent through the sciatic nerve and into the leg and the foot. The famous spine surgeons in Hyderabad say that although there are many non- surgical methods to treat this, sometimes surgery becomes unavoidable. Micro discectomy is the surgical cure for this pain where a portion of the disc is removed to ease out the pain in the foot.
  2. Lumbar spinal Stenosis : Here the spinal roots are compressed leading to foot pain, numbness in the foot. This leads to weakness and tingling sensation in the foot. Primary non-surgical measure is adopted while in some-cases surgical decompression may become necessary.
  3. Spondylolisthesis : A vertebra slips over another vertebra compressing the spine segment forming a pinched nerve and spreading the pain to the leg and your foot. For this condition both surgical and non-surgical approaches can be applied depending upon the severity of the conditions.

The Sciatic Nerve and Foot Pain :

The surgeons from the best hospitals for degenerative disc treatment explain that the largest single nerve i.e. the sciatic nerve joins the spine in the lower back travels down to both the legs and connects the spinal cord, the leg and the foot. Sciatica is caused when the nerves is affected in some way and further the nerve is pinched leading to lower back problems accompanied by foot and the leg pain.

Symptoms related to foot pain and the lower back problems :

Best spine surgery doctors in Hyderabad opine that the foot pain symptoms are specific to each type of pain and that is analysed alongside the behaviour of the nerves. The symptoms include :

  1. Movement of foot is restricted: The ‘heel walk’ the doctors name it as. It’s the inability to bring the foot forward with numbness in the foot.
  2. Foot heaviness or weakness: Otherwise named as ‘foot drop’. It’s the heavy feeling in the ankle and the inability to bring your foot up in the normal way.
  3. Difficulty in walking: The condition is identified as ‘tip toes’. In this case the person will not be able to stand on the tip toes, raise the heel and sometimes leading to weakness in the foot hampering the daily activities.


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