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Dr. T.N.C. Padmanabhan, Monday, October 28, 2019

When heart diseases account for over 40% mortality, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the top warning signs of a heart attack, as ignorance may become the cause of death for majority of cases, and to get the best advice, best cardiac surgeons in Hyderabad attending KIMS Hospitals can be the ideal source. KIMS is one such hospital that is considered as among the best heart hospitals in Hyderabad, where treatment of international standards is being provided by best cardiothoracic surgeons who have years of experience and well versed with the latest techniques in treatment for heart diseases.

Warning signs of a heart attack include breathlessness, pain and discomfort in the chest, sweating, pain in the jaws and nausea, sometimes associated with vomiting. To get a clear idea of these symptoms and the best action to take in such circumstances, KIMS OPD for Cardiovascular Diseases would be the best place to seek an opinion from best heart specialists attending the hospital, deemed as one of the best cardiology hospitals in Hyderabad. Facilities being offered by KIMS include well-designed packages for treatment and check up for heart diseases at affordable cost and that too is provided by the best cardiac surgeons in Hyderabad.

State of the art laboratory for testing, equipped with ultra-modern facilities and aided by the latest technology are some of the reasons why KIMS is considered to be among the top cardiology hospitals in Hyderabad. Patients arriving for emergency medical care are immediately attended by experienced medical professionals available round the clock and essential tests are instantly carried out under the supervision of highly qualified medical professionals.

If necessary, for immediate cardiac surgery, cardiac surgeons in KIMS will be there to provide the best possible medical care. Various reasons contribute to a possible heart attack, and when it is important to know what action should be taken when there are warning signs of heart attack, it is best to consult a cardiologist like those available on call at KIMS. Checking on the EHR Software, which is available at KIMS will be the best thing to do whenever you feel any of the top warning signs for heart attack. In cases of extreme emergency where the heart has already stopped, experienced and well trained EMS staff at KIMS will attend for the revival of the heart with resuscitation measures. It can be said that those attending this hospital, where best cardiologists are available 24 x 7, would be at a lesser risk and can be optimistic of the outcome.



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