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Dr. Suresh Cheekatla, Thursday, October 31, 2019

A tumor on the spine can disrupt daily activities related to movement such as walking or running etc.The spinal cord is a very important part of the body that’s connected to your brain. As a result of the tumor, the brain stops sending the messages to the entire body hampering its functions.

The tumor doesn’t specifically originate in the spine.There are all possibilities for it to have developed elsewhere and then spread to the spine.

Statistics say that there is a possibility of increase in spinal and brain tumors in the coming years leading to several deaths as well.

Diagnostic Imaging is a procedure that helps in early detection of tumors. This procedure serves as a saviour in the world of Healthcare helping its patients treat tumors.

Patients who have already been a victim to tumor are more susceptible to get tumor in other parts of the body. The periodical check for tumors is very essential with such patients and Diagnostic Imaging will do the needful. Here are a few aspects that every cancer patient should be aware of.

  1. Secondary malignant tumor in spine is a resultant of metastatis: Tumors in spine are still considered very rare as said earlier. Patients suffering from prostrate or breast cancer are more prone to spread them to spine which is a state of metastatis. It is termed as secondary malignant tumor.
  2. Spinal tumor is easy to treat when its detected earlier: The tumor on the spine can be treated easily when its detected earlier in comparison with other tumors. Chemotherapy or hormonal therapy can kill any tumors in the body at early detection. In case the tumor has progressed into the spine and if it wouldn’t damage your spinal cord then radiation is yet another treatment option to remove the tumor. Sometimes if the spine is under pressure or the tumor has spread into the spinal canal then surgery is another option through which the tumor can be removed successfully.
  3. Persistent pain could be a symptom for tumor: If you notice pain without any obvious reasons and if you were once a victim of cancer then, you should check with a doctor soon and go for required tests. The other reasons could be loss of bowel or bladder function, weakness and numbness too.
  4. Spine tumor surgery is not threatening in any way: Most people are prejudiced about the spinal surgeries or make their own assumptions out of it. A surgery on the spine will not cause paralysis at all. 99% of the spinal surgeries have been successful and you will come out healthy and relieved from tumor.



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