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Dr. S. Sahariah, Monday, November 4, 2019

If your child had an organ transplant, nothing to worry, stay positive and composed. As a parent you would have gone through an emotional upheaval. You must bear in mind that many children who have had organ transplants continue to become normal lead normal lives as they become adults, stay positive that your child is no different from them. It is important to follow certain tips to help your child reach normalcy.

  • Be honest and transparent to explain your kid about his or her situation and assure them they will get better. If you are child is old enough to understand explain the situation more clearly and instill a sense of confidence.
  • Staying composed and positive in difficult situations after the transplant helps you help your child. Some complications after transplant may crop up, don’t lose hope, and fight your worst fears.
  • Stay organized in all the matters relating to your kid like maintaining scheduled appointments, giving medications on timely basis, ensuring your child receives the requisite amount of nutrition.
  • Considering a home tutor for the child until he or she recovers is another important thing to do, so that your child is occupied.
  • Observe your child for any unusual symptoms like vomiting, motions or fever and see the doctor immediately
  • Help your child maintain a healthy weight
  • Let him meet other kids who have had organ transplants, as they start to feel better after the interaction.
  • Let him stay physically active, let him play his favorite sport if the doctor advices.
  • You need stay physically active and mentally strong to care for your child, as the whole process is exhausting, always be confident, and never shed a tear before your kid.
  • Take the support of your extended family members, friends and parents of other children who have had organ transplants to help you face your situation with ease.
  • As your kid grows, let them take responsibility of their health, make them independent, teach them to fend for themselves, take medicines on their own, interact and explain their current situation to the doctor.

Above all you are not alone. Your trusted healthcare partner KMS is with you and your kid as a source of medical support as well as a counselor to help your child return to normalcy at the earliest. KIMS helps you keep your appointments. The doctors give you and your kids what you require the most, treatment with care and empathy.



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