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Dr. Suresh Cheekatla, Thursday, July 2, 2020

We spend hours in front of the TV, computer screen, smartphones or tablets never realizing the posture we are in. It can cause significant damage to your back and neck over a period of time says the best spine doctors in Hyderabad at KIMS Hospitals. Here are few tips that you can follow. They include :

  1. Set up your desk : KIMS Hospitals' - one of the best spine centers in Hyderabad recommend you to check your workplace for the available space and setting up of your chair, computer, keyboard, mouse and printers that is feasible for your access without hurting your back and neck. People with neck and upper back chain are advised to have standing desks. If that seems expensive there are also inexpensive desktop converters that help you use as a standing desk.
  2. Sitting with Support : Spinal cord specialist in KIMS Hospitals Hyderabad insists that the ergonomic set up should begin with the sitting position. Keep your feet flat on the floor and let your sitting position allow you to stretch your legs to a comfortable angle. If you do not sit this way you will probably round out your lower back and the shoulders which lead to pain in the neck and lower back.
  3. Adjusting Your keyboard to your height : The keyboard should be kept in an angle that will not allow you to slump down your shoulders to hit the keys. Place it at 90-degree angle and at the same time the mouse and the writing pad too should be kept in the same height. If the keyboard tray is too low then keep it on the desk and likewise move all of them up to the same position.
  4. Looking straight at your monitor : Place the monitor approximately to your chin height. The position may have to be adjusted if the monitor is 13inch or 24 inch or a little lower. If you are working on a laptop use a secondary monitor as the laptop will make you bend your head downwards and work. If you are using a larger monitor place it exactly in front of you.
  5.  Avoiding your cell phone for your emails : Use the computer or a laptop to check emails or to respond to them than using tablets and cell phones as it causes upper back pain or pain in the neck.
  6. Getting up and walking around : Sitting in one position constantly will affect your neck and back.Get up and take a break every 30 minutes. That will lead to the stretching of muscles in the legs and will relax your back for a while. Keep an alarm if you tend to forget.

Treatment for back and neck problems will easily get rectified if you follow them without having the need for a physiotherapist or in worst case surgery.

WHY KIMS Hospitals?

KIMS Hospitals is one of the best Spine surgery centers in Hyderabad as they are experts in analyzing the neck and back problems and suggest a remedy that holds good for the patient.



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