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Monday, November 4, 2019

Pancreas transplant hospitals in Hyderabad have transplanted pancreas successfully to type 1 diabetic patient.Pancreas transplant is a surgical procedure where the healthy organ of the deceased donor is replaced with the pancreas that is no longer functioning properly.Most of these transplants are done to cure Type 1 Diabetes. Such transplants have significantly improved the lives of the patients and the complications that come with the disease such as:

  • Decreases the need for insulin
  • Need not have dietary restrictions
  • No need to measure blood glucose levels
  • Eliminates severe hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia

Location and the role of Pancreas :

Location: The pancreas lies behind the lower part of the stomach

Role: Produces a hormone called insulin that regulates the absorption of sugar in the cells

One becomes a victim of type 1 diabetes when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin leading to a rise in the blood sugar levels.

The same pancreas transplant procedure cannot be adopted for the type 2 diabetic patients as in this case the pancreas produces enough insulin but the body’s inability to use insulin adequately.

Pancreas Transplant Treatment :

There have been no such cases reported thatan early pancreas transplant with type 1 diabetes patient would prevent any complications.People with diabetes for quite a long time are eligible forpancreas transplant treatment. The pancreas is surgically implanted without removing the old pancreas as it still produces digestive enzymes. These organs are obtained from the organ donors who would have pledged to donate it after their death. The surgeon must weigh the benefits and the risks that his patient will experience beafter conducting a transplant.

Pancreas transplantation alone cannot assure that the patient wouldn’t have renal or neuro complications in the long run. Pancreas only transplant requires life-long immunesuppressants to avoid rejection of the new organ by the body.These immune suppressants cause side effects leading to poor quality of life and a risk of death. This mostly happens when the patient possibly had not maintained a balance in the blood sugar levels during the long interval he had waited for a transplant. Such a pancreas only transplantation should be considered when-

  • When the patient is suffering from acute hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia.
  • Severe clinical and emotional problems and when the insulin therapy is failing
  • Imbalance in insulin leading to acute complications.

Most of the pancreas transplantations are done alongside of kidney transplantation. Thepancreas transplant surgeon in Hyderabad makes sure that the patient is healthy enough to have a dual organ transplant. The studies show that both the kidney and the pancreas and the glycaemia levels come back to normal. Few doctors opine that apart from the pancreas transplantation the insulin therapy too should be continued.

Pancreatic cell transplants too serve a better quality of life than a whole gland transplant. This too shall need immune suppressants for the entire lifetime. But the research study allows you to conduct a pancreatic islet transplant within its framework.


KIMS has the best pancreas transplant specialists in Hyderabad who have handled innumerable such cases and have become experts in analysing the risks and benefits that comes from a pancreas transplant procedure and decides what’s best for their patients.



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