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Dr. Naresh Babu J, Thursday, October 31, 2019

When long periods of conservative treatment for reducing back pain provide no results, the only option left is spine surgery. Spine surgery can be of many types depending upon the condition of the spine and the herniated disc.

Depending upon the wear and tear of the herniated disc, spine surgery types can be of various types like Disectomy, Foramenotomy, Laminectomy, Spine Fusion and Replacement of Spinal Disc. At KIMS Hospitals, the No.1 multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad and the best spine surgery hospital in India, spine specialists are there providing a wide range of surgical and medical treatment for treating spinal disorders most effectively.

Best treatment at KIMS

It is through combination of innovation, expertise and experience that best spinal surgeon at KIMS are able to perform even the most complicated spine surgery. Working closely with doctors in physical medicine, who are specialists in non-surgical interventions, surgeons are able to diagnose spinal disorders accurately. That is why KIMS is the best spine hospitals in Hyderabad, where state of the art infrastructure and modern facilities make it possible to offer patients the best experience during the course of treatment.

Full-spectrum treatment

Full-spectrum treatment for spinal disorders is provided at KIMS which include lumbar and thoracic procedures for treatment of spondylolistesis, scoliosis, spinal deformity and trauma, neoplastic and inflammatory conditions and degenerative disc. This makes this spine surgery center the best in Hyderabad. Treatment for spinal disorders which are neurological in nature is provided at the Institute of Neuro Sciences at KIMS, where adults and children are treated with the aid of latest monitoring technology. Modern procedures of surgical treatment for lumbar spine fusion are followed at KIMS which allows patients to recover within short period with high success rate of fusion. Only when back pain is of debilitating type and individuals are no more able to contain back pain through medication and exercises, spine surgery can be the only option. At KIMS, proper diagnosis is made to ascertain whether surgery is actually required or not and for those suffering from acute herniated disc which may require complicated process of surgical intervention, Spinal Implants can be the ultimate option. Diagnostic studies carried out at this best spine hospital in Hyderabad include careful analysis of patient history and a series of medical exams to come to a conclusion whether spinal fusion is the only option left.

Advanced Medicare

Advanced medicare is provided at this spine surgery center at KIMS, where best spinal surgeon, spine specialist for noninvasive treatment, nurses and supporting staff work in collaboration to ensure that patients get the best treatment and have an experience that can be compared with treatment being provided at world class spinal rehabilitation centers.




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