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Dr. Sravan Kumar Dubasi, Monday, April 22, 2024

Life Beyond Cancer: Navigating the Journey of Survivorship

What is cancer survivorship?

Cancer survivorship begins at the time of diagnosis and continues throughout and after the treatment and living beyond the cancer. It encompasses the physical, psychological, social, financial, surveillance for recurrences, cancer prevention and challenges for coping up with the short term and long term side effects of the cancer  treatment. It also involves support from healthcare providers, caregivers, family, friends, and support groups to help survivors navigate life after cancer treatment.

What are the challenges faced by cancer survivors?

Diagnosing with the cancer is a big blow and shock to majority of the patients because of the stigma associated with it, many times assuming that there is no cure and treatment for the cancer. Cancer patients go through the challenges which includes physical, psychological, social, financial, employment issues, short term and long term side effects of the treatment. These challenges need to be addressed with the help of health care providers, caregivers, family and friends.

What is the importance of survivorship care plans?

Survivorship care plans outlines the specific details of the cancer survivor’s treatment history, as well as recommendations for follow up care and strategies for maintaining overall health and well-being. The importance of survivorship care plans lies in several key areas: 

a) Continuity of care 

b) Education and empowerment 

c) Addressing survivorship issues (as discussed above) and promoting health and wellness



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