Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy

Clinical Director – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Fertility Specialist & High-Risk Pregnancy Care, Minimal Invasive Surgeon (Mini Lap, Laparoscopy, Robotic Team)

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Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy is a qualified Obstetrician & Gynecologist, with 18+ years of experience in treating Infertility and High-Risk Pregnancy cases. She is an expert & famous among her patients to make them get back to normal life & work routines in less than a weeks’ time with her rich & vast medical expertise. More than 80% of her patients undergo normal delivery even with high risk pregnancies & Dr. Shilpi Reddy is very well known for conducting normal deliveries for breech presentations & Vaginal deliveries after cesareans (VBAC).

Dr. Shilpi Reddy has done her MBBS from the prestigious MRMC, Gulbarga (Kalburgi), RGUHS. She has done her DNB in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Yashoda Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad. She has also completed her post graduate diploma in Diabetology from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. She has completed her fellowship in laparoscopic surgery from BEAMS, Mumbai. For 2 years she was trained in infertility treatment from the famous Oasis Centre of Reproductive Medicine.

She is having expertise in performing laparoscopic & robotic surgeries for all high risk & difficult cases. She is an expert in Natural Birthing which is a unique phenomenon and her own signature style.

She worked as Lead Consultant, Sonologist, Diabetologist, Surgical Consultant & Surgeon in very reputed super-specialty hospitals. She was a visiting consultant for Rainbow hospitals & Motherhood hospital and was lead consultant in The Birthplace hospital in Hyderabad. Presently she is with KIMS Cuddles, Kondapur as Head of the Department from year 2016.

Throughout Dr. Shilpi Reddy’s career, she has been actively performing minimal invasive surgery, pelvic reconstructive surgeries, tubal reconstruction and re-canalization, myomectomy, Endometriosis, LAVH, TLH, Complicated Hysterectomies, PCOD, Ovarian cyst, Gynac malignancy procedures with high surgical skills in HysteroLap and MiniLap procedures more than a decade.

With her sound knowledge & expertise she manages post bariatric pregnancies, carries out high risk complicated gynecological surgeries of fibroids, endometriosis, and fertility restorative surgeries. She is highly specialized in handling high risk pregnancies, recurrent pregnancy losses and infertility.

Dr. Shilpi Reddy manages women’s health efficiently & effectively. Submitted many papers & thesis in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology by participating & involving in many national & international seminars, conferences & workshops. She continuously upgrades & polishes her own skills by attending these renown conferences & workshops. She is passionate about comprehensive healthcare for pregnant women with medical and nonmedical support and improving the outcomes of pregnancy with yoga, water birthing and natural birthing making every pregnancy journey beautiful with a lot of good memories. She believes in the concept of couples getting pregnant & focuses on building strong bonds between the “parents-tobe” and the child right from the prenatal stage.

Dr. Shilpi Reddy designed comprehensive Pre-natal activity module in which “parents-tobe” are trained personally & comprehensively in the aspects of pregnancy & post-natal care. In this module she included quick & healthy cooking sessions, baking sessions. She passionately believes in stress free pregnancy management by encouraging women to participate in the art & craft sessions, water yoga (woga), handicraft making, knitting & sewing sessions, clay making, kajal making, aerobics & Zumba dance etc. These sessions/programs are specially organized by her to make sure pregnancy remains as a wonderful, joyful & memorable journey in a woman’s life.

Dr. Shilpi Reddy & KIMS Cuddles, started a new versatile concept of conducting Cuddles MrsMom pageant, once every year, for the pregnant women to make them feel relieved of the stress, bring out the talents hidden inside them, mingle with other pregnant women & share their moments. It’s not a beauty pageant but it is a pure confidence building & stress relieving unique event. All the contestants “mothers-to-be” thoroughly enjoy the different stages of the contest which involves yoga, nutrition, mind teasers, swimming, makeup & makeovers and personality development. All the participants are pampered with lots of gifts and the winner a free luxurious suite room delivery.

Dr. Shilpi Reddy received many accolades in recognition of her dedicated work in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Some of the awards she received as center head are the Best hospital for women care in the state by Times of India 2019, Best emerging hospital award for KIMS Cuddles 2018, Vaidya Shree award in 2020.

She is invited several times as guest speaker in almost all the news channels to convey authentic information related to women’s health, pregnancy, and medicine – there by clarifying doubts of the people and she is popular for her online videos on various aspects of women’s health.

Dr. Shilpi Reddy’s multilingual skills help patients & patient attenders/ family members who come from different cultures and various geographical locations make her easily accessible with free flow of communication. She speaks Telugu, Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi and understands Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Konkani & Bhojpuri.

Apart from her profession, Dr. Shilpi Reddy shows a lot of commitment & compassion towards society. She conducted many charitable activities & medical camps in the remote areas to help the women & people in need. She helps schools in remote areas with supply of good healthy food, educates girl students about women’s health by conducting classes. She loves nature and always encourages tree plantation & organic methods of living.

All in all, Dr. Shilpi Reddy is a 360° holistic doctor who is very approachable & passionate towards improving the health standards of “mothers-to-be & women”.

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