Dr. Latha Sharma

Sr. Consultant Pulmonologist

OP Timing:

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Education and Training:

1988 – 1994: Graduation in MBBS, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, A.P

1994 – 1995: Internship in Osmania General Hospital, Niloufer Children’s Hospital, Government Maternity Hospital, Government ENT Hospital, Patancheru Health Centre. 

1997- 2000: Postgraduation MD in TB and Respiratory Diseases, Govt. General & Chest hospital (Osmania Gen. Hospital)

Hospital Positions:

2001- 2003: Registrar in MICU and Pulmonology Department, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills.

2004 – Present: Consultant Pulmonologist, Head of the Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine.

Medical College: Chalameda Anand Rao Institute Of Medical Sciences

2004 – 2009: Assistant Professor

2009 – 2013: Associate Professor


2010 – Present: Member of Medical Audit

2010 – Present: Member of Antibiotic Stewardship Program

2010: Panel member of Tobacco Cessation Clinical Council

2011 – 2014: Convener of Mortality and Morbidity Meet

2014 – Present: Member of Infectious diseases Control Committee

2015 – Present: Member of Quality Control Committee

2017 — 2019: Course Director for DNB program

2017—2019: Represented Head of the Institute as DNB Course Director for DNB Ethics and Scientific Committee, as per DNB norms for EC. 

2021: Appointed as Executive Committee Member of TB Association of Telangana. 

Teaching and Academics

2004 – 2007: Conducted a series of lectures in Internal Medicine for DNB students.

2008 – Present: Teacher and guide for DNB students (Respiratory Medicine)

2009: Lecture on the appropriate use of antibiotics in Military Hospital, Hyderabad.

2012: Conducted health camp for Sukuki – Exnora – Waste management Geo Map Society. 

2012 – 2016: Conducted medical audits on pneumonia, meningioma, fractured neck of femur, Acinetobacter pneumonia, discharge summaries, antibiotic usage, prescription discrepancies, blood transfusions at KIMS.

2014: Faculty member for EUS workshop at KIMS.

2019: Faculty member for NAPCON, Kochi

2020: Faculty member for TOSACON, Orthopedic Conference, Nizamabad

2021: Faculty member for Neurological Society of India-European Association of Neurological Societies Super Speciality Conference


14-4-17: Conducted FAT examination

8-10-18: Conducted FAT examination

16-2-19: Conducted FAT examination

23-24/6/17: Non-examiner Co-ordinator for DNB Final Practical Exam

10-11/11/17: Non-examiner Co-ordinator for DNB Final Practical Exam

26-5-22: FAT examiner for DNB students

Social awareness programs

2011: Awareness on H1N1 pandemic at Intelligraph, Hyderabad. 

2011: Swine Flu awareness programme in Rotary Club of Silverline, Hyderabad. 

2004 - Present: Conducted multiple free camps on Asthma, smoking cessation, seasonal allergies.

2004-Present: Awareness programs on sleep-related breathing disorders, ill-effects of smoking, asthma, and allergies in print and TV media.

2022: Conducted Referendum as part of fight against the establishment of wine shops in residential areas in Begumpet in association with the Institute of Perception Studies

2022: Participated in 2022 Wildlife Machan Census organized by Govt of Maharashtra, Forest Department

Workshops :

2008: Conducted PFT workshop, KIMS, Hyderabad

2010: Conducted Allergy and Immunology, KIMS, Hyderabad

2013: Conducted Interventional Pulmonology live workshop on EBUS and Thoracoscopy, KIMS, Hyderabad

2022: Conducted workshop on TPT, and TB preventive treatment at KIMS

Awards and recognition:

1999: First prize in PG quiz contest

2019: Awarded Gold medal for Outstanding contribution to KIMS

2020: Invited by the Honourable Governor of Telangana on International Women's Day

2021: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Health and Medical Excellence Award

2022: Excellence award during Covid-19 pandemic by KIMS hospital. 

2022: Invited by the Hon’ble Governor of Telangana on Telangana Formation Day

Other interests and co-curricular achievements:

  • Member of Tanmayi Association- Donated to Save A Child Foundation
  • Participated in All Women Goa Rally- Contributed to Tata Cancer Institute
  • Received Guinness World Record – One lakh singers of Annamayya Krithis
  • Honorable Chief Ministers appreciation for contribution to Polio vaccination program
  • Contributed to activities for social causes via Rotary foundation:

            - Provided furniture to Government Schools

            - Participated in Earth Day programs

            - Participated in an Anti-terrorism campaign

Field of interest:

  • Critically ill respiratory disorders requiring intensive care
  • Interventional pulmonology
  • Bronchoscopy & procedures
  • Endobronchial ultrasound 
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Interstitial lung diseases
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenator

Publications of Original Research Articles:

Journal of Medical and Scientific Research     

Vol. 3   |  issue 4   |   October - December  2015

To evaluate the influence of inhaled bronchodilator therapy on spirometric test variables in obese and non-obese asthmatics

Dr. Latha Sarma, Nandan Putti1, Dr. Avinash chaskar, Dr. Kapil Alias Mohit chilana and Asmath Qureshi  

Indian Journal of Respiratory Care 

August 12, 2017, IP:

Concordance between Microorganisms Isolated from Subglottic Secretions and Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Patients with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in Intensive Care Unit

Kapil Alias Mohit Chilana, Latha Sarma, Nandan Putti, Sambit Sahu, Suchira Chillana

Journal of Medical and Scientific Research

2015 January   Volume : 3 Issue: 1  Page Numbers:- 33-36

Monitoring of pulmonary function in people dwelling and working in and near cement factory area

Nandan Putti, Asmath Qureshi, Latha Sarma, Kapil Alias Mohit Chilana

Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine (IJSM) 

Vol. 10, No. 3, 2015

Prevalence of comorbidities in obstructive sleep apnea patients in comparison with general population

Asmath Qureshi, Nandan Putti, Latha Sarma, Vivek V. Byahatti

Journal of medical and scientific research

Vol. 3   |  issue 4   |   October - December  2015

Correlation of 30 consecutive idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients in tertiary care center 

Asmath Qureshi, Dr. Latha Sarma, Dr. Vijayalakshmi Adepu, Nandan Putti and Dr. Kapil Alias Mohit Chilana

Lung India 

Volume 37 • Issue 5 • September-October 2020

Determination of equation for estimating continuous positive airway pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea for the Indian population. 

Sarma L, Putti N, Alias K, Chilana M.

Publications of Case Reports: 


Year : 2013  |  Volume : 19  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 107-109  

Tracheobronchomalacia post-pneumonectomy: A late complication

Ashima Datey, Avinash Chaskar, Latha Sarma

Journal of Medical and Scientific Research

Vol. 6   |  Issue 3   |   July - September  2018

Reexpansion pulmonary edema in a young lady post- intercostal drainage tube insertion 

avinash rM, ashraf ali Poovil, nagendra D, Yashwant KO, and latha sarma 

CHEST journal

October 2017Volume 152, Issue 4, Supplement, Pages A207–A208

Hyperinfection With Strongyloides Complicating Glioblastoma Chemotherapy: A Case Report

Vijay Salla, Latha Sarma, Annapurna Mydavolu, Yashwant K O

CHEST journal

October 2017 Volume 152, Issue 4, Supplement, Pages A203–A204

Successful Treatment of Pulmonary Cunninghamella Bertholletiae Infection With Liposomal Amphotericin and Posaconazole in an Elderly Male With Psoriatic Arthritis on Immunosupression

Yashwant K O, Vijay Salla, Annapurna Mydavolu, Latha Sarma

American Thoracic Society journals 

May 2019

Coexistent Pulmonary Thromboembolism and Hemopericardium: A Diagnostic Dilemma

K.O. Yashwant , Latha Sarma 

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2015;191:A1857

A Rare Case of Bilateral Vocalcord Mucormycosis 

Maddineni Jayanth , , K. Raghavendra Rao , Satish Rao , Latha Sarma

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