Dr. Pavani Upendram

Consultant Geneticist and Genetic Counselor

OP Timing:

10:00am - 04:00pm10:00am - 04:00pm10:00am - 04:00pm10:00am - 04:00pm10:00am - 04:00pm10:00am - 04:00pmNot Available

Professional Summary:

  • Highly qualified Clinical Molecular Geneticist/Cytogeneticist/Genetic counselor/Genomics Consultant with sixteen years of experience
  • Board-certified Senior (level II) genetic counselor- National Board of Genetic Counselors (BGCI) 
  • Elected General Secretary of BGC-I (2023- 2027), elected EC member BGC-I (2019-2023)
  • Young Scientist awardee - Indian Society of Human Genetics, 2014
  • NABL authorized signatory for Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Transplant Immunology
  • Cancer genetics training at CGI and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center, New York
  • Counseling expertise – Cancer, pre-marital, pre-conception, fertility, neurology, personalized medicine, preventive genetics and lifestyle.
  • > 6000 genetic counselings done in different areas of medical genetics
  • Thirty presentations in National & International Conferences/Meetings and two best presentation awards
  • Ten International publications in the area of Human Medical Genetics
  • Mentoring Genetic counselling students
  • Community genetic counselling and awareness on genetic disorders and their management


  • Genetic counseling/Consulting
  • Ontogenetic
  • Preimplantation Genetics
  • Prenatal Genetics
  • Preconception Genetics
  • Precision Genetics
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Broad knowledge of Human Medical Genetics
  • Reproductive Genetics
  • Transplant immunology
  • Patient and family advocacy
  • Rare diseases awareness
  • Patient-focused care Regulatory compliance
  • Patient evaluation
  • Quality analyst
  • Medical research
  • Lab result interpretation and analysis
  • Laboratory procedures management
  • Equipment calibration
  • Medical laboratory procedures
  • Strategic planning capability
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Supervisory training
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • External quality assessments
  • Proficiency testing
  • Analytical thinking
  • Multidisciplinary team collaboration
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in medical documentation and interpretation
  • Trained Internal auditor
  • NABL compliance


  • National Board of Genetic Counselors of India (BGCI) certified senior-level (Level II) Genetic Counselor (Reg #2015-10)
  • Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India (2008-2014)
  • Masters in Genetics (Specialization – Human Medical Genetics) from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India (2005-2007)
  • Consultant Geneticist & Genetic Counselor, KIMS Hospitals, Hyderabad (June 2015 – till date)
  • Genetic Counselor and Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Kamineni Life Sciences, Moula-Ali, Hyderabad (May 2012 to July 2014)
  • Genetic Counselor and Senior Technical Officer, Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad (March 2008 to April 2012)
Life Membership:
  • Indian Society of Human Genetics (ISHG).
  • Board of Genetic Counseling, India (BGCI)
  • Hyderabad Science Society (HSS)
  • Molecular Pathology Association of India (MPAI)
  • Indian Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ISHI)

Workshops Participations:

  • Six sigma and statistics in Clinical laboratory by Dr. Neeraj Jain at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (2022)
  • Molecular diagnostics – Covid 19 and lab safety by Dr. Neeraj Jain at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (2022)
  • Quality management systems and Internal audit in medical laboratories as per ISO 15189-2012 by MELAP at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (2022)
  • ICGCW workshop on Genetic counseling by ACTREC, Mumbai (2019)
  • Genetic Counseling and psychology workshop by Can talk, headed by Dr. Sameer Kaul, Oncologist, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi (2016)
  • International workshop on dysmorphology, DBT- Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore (2009)
  • International workshop on radiological and clinical approaches to the diagnosis of skeletal Dysplasias and inherited bone disorders, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore (2010)
  • Workshop on 50 years of Down syndrome, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore (2010)

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