Dr. Srinivas Kasha

Senior Consultant - Trauma, Computer Navigated Joint Replacement & Pelviacetabular Trauma Surgeon

OP Timing:

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Brief Profile

I am specialized in dealing with complex trauma, Joint replacements, and Bone lengthening and deformity corrections using Ilizarov. I am the primary consultant for Ilizarov & Deformity corrections in this Hospital. I run out-patient clinics every day in this hospital and I have an emergency admission day every week. I teach Orthopedic residents who are appearing for D.N.B course in Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy students.


  • Fellowship in Arthroplasty, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Secunderabad
  • M.S.(Ortho), Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
  • M.B.B.S., Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal
  • Intermediate, Gnanadeep Junior College, Kamareddy

Special Training

  • Fellowship in Joint replacement surgery at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences under Dr. A.V.Guravareddy 2008
  • AO trauma International fellowship 2017 at Penn Medicine Hospital Pensylvania, U.S.A. main interest towards Pelviacetabular Trauma
  • Computer navigated Knee replacement surgery, Aesculap, December 2016

    • Consultant Trauma, Computer Navigated Joint Replacement & Pelviacetabular Trauma Surgeon, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Secunderabad, October 2008 - Present
    • Senior Registrar/ Fellow in Arthroplasty in department of Orthopedics, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, January 2008 – October 2008
    • Assistant Professor in Orthopedics, Mediciti Insitute of Medical Sciences, Ghanpur, Oct 2007 – Dec 2007
    • Registrar in Udai Clinic, Orthopedic Centre, Nampally, Hyderabad, June 2007 – Sept 2007
    • Post graduation, Department of Orthopedics, Osmania General Hospital,Hyderabad, 2004 - 2007
    • Rotatory Internship, M.G.M. Hospital, Warangal, 2002 - 2003


    • Partial hemiepiphyseal stapling for Correction of Genu varum in 6 year old .in JOASIS 2010.
    • Glomus tumour of forearm a rare presentation in JMSR (Journal of Medical and Scientific Research)2016.
    • Endocrine myopathy: case based myopathy in Journal of Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences @2016 vol 5.
    • Extended culture methods among Orthopaedic surgery patients and recovery of various organisms in Tertiary care hospital. International journal of Orthopaedic sciences 20177; 3(3):916-920.
    • Fracture dislocation of Shoulder with Brachial plexus palsy. A case report and Review of Management options. Journal of Orthopaedic Case reports 2017 Mar- Apr7 (2) :48-51
    • PFN A-II in peri trochanteric femur fractures: Experience in Osteoporotic elderly Indians. -aInternational Journal of Research & Review (www.gkpublication.in) Vol.4; Issue: 2; February 2017
    • Bilateral Posterior fracture dislocation of Shoulder following Seizures secondary to Caverous sinus venous throbosis –A rare association in Journal of Orthopaedic Case reports July - August 2018 | Volume 8 | Issue 4

    Awards And Honors

    • Vaidyasree 2014 given by Mother Foundation. Hyderabad.
    • Rising star of the year in Orthopaedic Surgery by Times Healthcare Achievers 2017 awards.

    Academic Exposure

    • AO Trauma Faculty
    • Core group of Pelviacetabular teaching programmes
    • Fellowship in Joint Replacement: Every year 2 joint replacmenet fellowships are given under his training
    • DNB Teaching Programme, KIMS Hospital


    • A Paper on “Use of Ilizarov’s technique for the treatment of Non-union of long bones associated with Infection and Bone gap” in OSSAP 2005 - Guntur.
    • A Poster on “A Study of six cases of Locking Compression Plating” in OASIS & OSSAP CON-2006, Thirupathi.
    • Presented paper on “Interstitial Laser photocoagulation for treatment of osteoid osteoma” in OSSAP-2010 conference held at Hyderabad.
    • Presented a poster on “Management of ipsilateral fracture shaft femur with bicondylar Hoffa’s fracture in a 16 year old boy” in Oasis- Ossapcon 2011, Hyderabad.
    • Presented a poster on “Non traumatic Myositis ossificans at proximal ulna, a rare case” in Oasis- Ossapcon 2011, Hyderabad.
    • Presented a case report “Medial subtalar dislocation” a rare case in Ossapcon 2012 at Hyderabad.
    • Presented a Guest lecture on “Ankylosing spondylitis – Etiopathogenesis, prevention of progression in Indian Orthopaedic Rheumatology Association Conference 2013.
    • Presented a paper on (Percutaneous CT guided Laser ablation osteoid osteoma in clinicoradiologically confirmed diagnosis) at Orthopedic world congress 2013.
    • Presented a paper on Painless awkward gait due to Bony ankylosis of both Hip joints in a position of symmetrical wide abduction, flexion and external rotation in a 18 year old girl, compromising her social life, at Orthopedic world congress 2013. This presentation is selected as one of the Best 40 Posters.
    • Presented a paper on “Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis for Proximal Humerus Fractures.” At OSSAP con 2014 at mahaboobnagar. Presenter Dr.Ranganath.
    • Presented a paper on “Management of Distal radius fractures with fragment specific plating System” OSSAP con 2014 at mahaboobnagar. Presenter Dr.Sridhar.
    • Presented a poster on “Supracondylar  fracture of humerus with elbow dislocation - rare case report” OSSAP con 2014 at mahaboobnagar. PresenterDr.Sai Kishore.
    • Presented a paper on “Intramembranous grafting for long bone defects in open fractures & osteomyelitis management” OSSAP con 2014 at mahaboobnagar.
    • Presented a paper in an award paper category on “Intramembranous grafting for long bone defects in open fractures & osteomyelitis management” at Current concepts of Trauma National conference at Kochin 2014.
    • Paper presented at Sicot Orthopaedic World Congress 2014 at Brazil “Intra Membranous Grafting for Long bone defects in open fractures & Osteomyelitis Management.”
    • Worked as faculty for Focus Programme, Proximal femur symposium & workshop July 2014 By Depuy Synthes.
    • Worked as a Faculty for Intermediate trauma course at Marriot Hyderabad, January 24,25th 2015.
    • Worked as a faculty in AO SEC Course _ Basic Priciples in Fracture Management for Operating Room Personnel  at Hyderabad August 2014.
    • Worked as a Faculty & presented “ Modified stoppa approach a video presentation” at Association for Pelvic Acetabular Surgeons of India 2015 .
    • Worked as a Faculty for BOS Pelvi acetabular Trauma course at KEM Hospital Mumbai, July 2015
    • Attended AO advaces in Priciples of Fracture management as a Table faculty in August 2015 at Hyderabad.
    • Presented a Challenging case report “Bilateral Posterior Fracture-Dislocation Of Shoulders Following Seizures - A Challenge In Diagnosis And Treatment” at AOTAP Conference at New Delhi 2015- Presenter Dr.Gopinath
    • Presented a paper “Outcome of   Schatzker  Type V and VI   Tibial plateau fractures treated with Dual plates” at AOTAP Conference at New Delhi 2015- Presenter Dr. Harpreeth singh suri
    • Presented a paper on Open fracture with bone loss managed with Induced membrane grafting at AOTAP Conference at Delhi,2015- Presenter Dr.Sameer
    • A positioning technique for Intramedullary nailing Tibia for distal third fractures, at Tosacon 2016 at Hyderabad. Presenter Dr.Amar Babu
    • Single stage Modular total Knee replacement with Tibial stem extension a good choice for treatment of Osteoarthritis with Stress fracture of Proximal tibia. At Tosacon 2015 at Hyderabad. 
    • A guest lecture in Tosacon 2015 with a title Management of Compound Diaphyseal fractures with bone loss an alternate technique.
    • Presented a Faculty Lecture at apasi 2016 Hyderabad with Title Anterior Intra Pelvic Approach in acetabular fractures.
    • Faculty in Kims Basic trauma course 2016. At Kims Hospitals Secunderabad.
    • Acted as a faculty for Intermediate trauma course at Pune 2016 conducted by smith & nephew.
    • Demonstrated a Intra Pelvic approach to the acetabulum on cadaver at BOS Pelviacetabular trauma course2016 at Mumbai.
    • Faculty video presentation of Humerus nailing at Pune trauma course 2016 at Pune.
    • Cadaveric Demonstration of Stoppas approach at BOS Pelviacetabular trauma course 2016.
    • Live demonstration of Distal Femur Mippo during Chennai Trauma Course 2016.
    • Faculty at PelviAcetabular trauma workshop at Maharashtra Orthopaedic association State Conference November 2016.
    • Faculty at Pelviacetabular trauma workshop at IOACON 2016. At Kochi.
    • Faculty at Gandhi Orthopaedic Education 2017. Theme Advanced Hip arthoplasty. Presented talk on “THA in Failed hip fracture surgeries.”
    • Won Gold medal for best paper Dr.C.N. Bhaskaran award  at 20 th Annual Conference of Medical Microbiologists January 2017. Topic :Extended culture methods among orthopaedic surgery patients and recovery of various microorganisms in a tertiary care hospital. Presenter: Dr.Pragya rani.  
    • Invited speaker at Karnataka Orthopaedic association annual Conference January 2017. KOACON 2017.
    • Invited faculty at TOSACON 2017 february. At Gandhi hospital Secunderabad.
    • Won gold medal for best paper at TOSACON 2017. Topic(Medialisation of Shaft technique in management of Proximal humerus fracture)
    • Presented a poster at AAOS march 2017. Topic Antibiotic Induced Membrane bone grafting in Open fracture with bone loss.
    • Invited faculty at AOPAS 2017. Held at Jaipur.
    • Invited faculty at 1st Zimmer trauma basic course held at Mangalore in April 2017.
    • Invited faculty at AO trauma annual conference 2017 held at Chennai.
    • Invited faculty at Pelvi acetabular workshop Sholapur September 2017. Cadaveric Demonstration of Stoppa approach.
    • Invited faculty at WIROC December 2017. Video presentation on Stoppa approach.
    • Guest speaker at IOACON 2017 Indore.
    • Faculty at Pune trauma course 2018.
    • Faculty at BOS Pelviacetabular workshop at KEM hospital , Mumbai. July 2018
    • Faculty at Pelviacetabular cadaveric workshop at Vishakapatnam may 2018.
    • Faculty at Nailscon 2018 september 2018 at vishakapatnam.
    • Faculty at 1st OSSAP Instructional course lecture at Guntur on 17/11/18
    • AO Prebasic course Hyderabad, 2008
    • AO Course on Principles in Operative Fracture Management, May 2009, Coimbatore
    • AO Trauma Pediatric Course, September 2009, Vellore 
    • AO Trauma Advances in Operative Fracture Management Course, March 2011, Chennai
    • AO Masters Course, Mumbai, 2012
    • AO Hand & Wrist course with cadaveric workshop, September 2013, New Delhi
    • Hip Resurfacing (BHR) Procedure course. October 2010, Chiangmai University, Thailand
    • Total Knee Arthroplasty Procedure (Genesis 2), September, 2010,Chiangmai University, Thailand.
    • Pediatric Orthopedic trauma Course by Prof. Wilkins, Gandhi Hospital, January, 2009
    • Workshop on Limb Reconstruction, OSSAPCON, 2005
    • Zimmer Cadaveric workshop in Uni-condylar Knee Replacement Surgery, Chennai
    • Deformity correction course at Baltimore, USA, 2012
    • Computer assisted deformity correction Workshop, (Taylors spatial Frame) USA, 2012
    • Computer assisted Deformity corrections using Ortho-SUV course at New Delhi conducted by SUV inventor Dr.Leonet Solomen, 2013
    • APASI Workshop on Pelvis acetabular trauma, Jodhpur, January 2014
    • Zimmer Cadaveric workshop on Revision hip Arthroplasty 2014
    • Attended 9th Asia pain summit at hong-kong 21-22 June, 2014
    • Baltimore limb deformity course Sep 2014 at Baltimore, USA
    • Taylors spatial frame Back to Basics workshop. Sep 2014, Baltimore, USA
    • AO Pelvic course  – advanced at Graz Austria 13-16 Sep 2014
    • AO Trauma Masters course_ Tips from the Masters- Difficult cases through the eyes of Master surgeons.2015 Davos, Switzerland.
    • Knee expert training on Computer navigated knee replacement at Huzburg, and Clinical Visitation at Wangen under Prof. Wassmer Germany.
    • AO Faculty Educational Programme 2017, Mumbai
    • Member of Twin Cities Orthopedic Society, Hyderabad
    • Member of Indian Foot and Ankle Society
    • Member of TOSA, Andhra Pradesh
    • Member of OASIS
    • Member of IOA
    • Member of IMA Hyderabad
    • Indian Society of Orthopedic Rheumatologists
    • Member of AO trauma Asia Pacific (315399)
    • Member of AOPAS(Association of Pelviacetabular Surgeons) of India.(11)
    • Organizing Scientific committee member and Faculty for 1st Hyderabad Arthroplasty Course 2009. KIMS, Secunderabad.
    • Organizing Scientific committee member for 2nd Hyderabad  Arthroplasty Course 2010. KIMS, Secunderabad.
    • Organizing Scientific committee member for 3rd  Hyderabad  Arthroplasty Course 2011. KIMS, Secunderabad.
    • Organizing Scientific committee member for 1st Hyderabad  Arthroscopy Course 2011. KIMS, Secunderabad.
    • Organizing Scientific committee member and Faculty for 1st Hyderabad  Trauma Course 2011. KIMS, Secunderabad.
    • Organizing Secretary for APASI 2016 Association of Pelvic acetabular surgeons of India, held at Hyderabad in March 2016.
    • Organized the Nizamabad Knee arthroplasty workshop as a course director in Sep 2016.
    • Course Director for Cadaveric workshop on Basic Pelviacetabular course on 6&7th May 2017 at Khammam.
    • Course Director for CME on Locking compression plating at Nizamabad conducted by Depuy Synthes. 23 July 2017.
    • Organizing Secretary for CCT 2018.
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